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Capitol News TV News Videos – 22 July 2013

Capitol News TV News Videos – 22 July 2013

  • AFC rejects President Donald Ramotar’s ‘domestic terrorism’ statements
  • Main opposition bloc APNU explains its position on the Amaila Falls Hydro Project
  • PPP/C remains optimistic about Hydro Project even after non-support by opposition
  • Regional Airline LIAT begins operations at the Ogle Airport
  • Canadian company Mulgravian Ventures (Guyana) Inc. to manage the Marudi Mountain Project.
  • Veteran Trade Unionist calls for proper policing in the expanding mining industry

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AFC rejects President Donald Ramotar’s ‘domestic terrorism’ statementsPosted: 22 Jul 2013 04:46 PM PDT

Shortly after the majority side of the National Assembly voted against legislation the Government says is needed to move the Amaila Falls Hydro Electricity Project Forward, President Ramotar took to the airwaves to condemn the move. The President’s address to the nation came with the tagline “An Act of Domestic Terrorism against development in Guyana”. […] Continue reading

Expectant Fathers Macusi Culture – by Peter Halder

Expectant Fathers Macusi Culture

by Peter Halder

 The Macusi is one of 9 tribes of Amerindians in Guyana. The others are Patamona, Arecuna, Wapisiana, Carib, Warrau, Arawak, Wai Wai and Akawaio.

There was a particular culture, tradition and custom in the Macusi tribe that came to light during the 1800′s. It was known as  “expectant fathers” syndrome.

It was mentioned by Sir Everard Im Thurn, explorer and botanist in his book “Among The Indians of Guiana.” Sir Everard was Curator of the British Guiana Museum (1877-1882), then a Stipendiary Magistrate in the Pomeroon District and in December 1884, along with Harry Perkins, first scaled Mount Roraima. He travelled extensively among the Amerindians.   Read More »

This is just one of many  historical articles on Guyana written by Peter Halder that will be published on Guyanese Online.  You can read them all at Peter Halder’s website:  http://peterhalder.wordpress.com/

Games Kids Used To Play – by Peter Halder

Games Kids Used To Play

by Peter Halder

 The pastime games for kids in Albouystown and maybe elsewhere in Guyana in the 1940s were unique and unusual. They were the legacy of custom and culture. Four such that were popular were Zootal, Mariddle, Cush and Cock-a-Delo.


Zootal was a game played with sticks. It was played with 2, 3 or 4 players. The first thing was for each kid to obtain two slender sticks about a half inch in circumference. Sapodilla, mango, genip, guava or other fruit and non-fruit tree limbs of that circumference were sought  One long limb was just what the doctor ordered. Its leaves and stems were plucked off. The limb was then broken to provide two pieces, one about five inches long and the other about two feet. Next, a round hole about five inches in diameter was dug in the open ground of a yard.           Read More »

This is just one of many  historical articles on Guyana written by Peter Halder that will be published on Guyanese Online.  You can read them all at Peter Halder’s website:  http://peterhalder.wordpress.com/

PPP attacks former Speaker – Ralph Ramkarran Replies!

PPP attacks former Speaker

…he never raised corruption during Presidential bid—says statement
Ralph Ramkarran

Ralph Ramkarran

JULY 21, 2013 | BY  |   The ruling party On July 20, went on the offensive against outspoken, former Central Executive Member and party stalwart Ralph Ramkarran, questioning the timing of accusations of corruption in Government.
The statement by the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) comes just two weeks before the party’s all important first National Congress in five years. The choosing of new leaders will be one of the highpoints of the party which took power in 1992 but failed to secure a Parliamentary majority for the first time in its reign, in the 2011 elections.

Ramkarran, a prominent lawyer who served as Speaker of the National Assembly for two terms and was set to return following the 2011 elections, lost that position to Raphael Trotman, an opposition-nominated candidate.    Continue reading

*A Must See*: Slavery by Another Name -PBS Documentary

*A Must See*: Slavery by Another Name -PBS

This is a documentary of what actually happened in the southern states of the United States of America after the Civil War and the Abolition of Slavery.  This true history of the partial re-installation of slavery, is not usually recounted in the history books.   Also, the present prison system… and the Prison Industrial Complex… where some six million African-descendant males are presently incarcerated could be the continuation of the same mentality.

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