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GUYANA: Alliance For Change (AFC) re-elects Ramjattan as Leader

Khemraj Ramjattan

Jun 12, 2022 – Kaieteur News – The third largest political force in Guyana – the Alliance For Change (AFC) – has re-elected its incumbent Leader, Khemraj Ramjattan.

Ramjattan was elected on Saturday at the party’s seventh National Conference, which also named Sherod Duncan as the new General Secretary (GS). Duncan will be replacing former Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson who received no nominations for the other executive positions that were open.

Notably, former Minister of Telecommunications Catherine Hughes has been elected to serve as the Party’s Chair, replacing Raphael Trotman. She defeated Ramjattan, Sherod Duncan and Shadow Finance Minister, Juretha Fernandes.          Continue reading

GUYANA: Politics and Economy: ‘Guyana on path of resource curse’ — Khemraj Ramjattan- AFC

…  Ramjattan says Budget 2022 destroying non-oil sectors

… Warns against creeping return of corruption

Khemraj Ramjattan

By Gary Eleazar – Kaieteur News – February 2, 2022

Budget 2022 is reflective of a country that is already heading down the path of the resource curse or the Dutch Disease, as is evidenced by the figures presented, confirming a heavy reliance on oil funds while at the same time the non-oil economy shrinks.
This was the conclusion of Alliance for Change (AFC) Leader, Khemraj Ramjattan, yesterday, as he made his contribution to the Budget Debates.

Ramjattan – a veteran parliamentarian—in a more toned down presentation, sought to caution against the destruction of Guyana’s non-oil economy since the hydrocarbons being discovered are a finite resource that would be exhausted in a matter of decades.       . Continue reading

GUYANA: Politics: Oil Fund: Opposition to ramp up protests against new NRF law

 …  threatens court action against ‘wholesale thievery of oil money’

Scenes from the protest outside Arthur Chung Convention Center yesterday as Opposition MPs join in

December 30, 2021- Kaieteur News – Scores of Guyanese on Wednesday picketed in front of the Arthur Chung Conference Centre (ACCC)—where a sitting of the National Assembly was being held to protest their opposition to the Peoples Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) Government’s rush to pass a new Natural Resources Bill, which many have since condemned as a move to legalise wholesale thievery of Guyana’s oil revenues.

The Bill aimed at replacing the NRF Act in place already in order to give sweeping powers and control over the oil fund and its use by the sitting President.          Continue reading

Guyana Politics: AFC releases list of nine MPs for new Parliament

The Alliance For Change (AFC) has released its list 9 MPs for the new Parliament. APNU will have the other 22 seats won by the coalition at the March 2nd elections.

A statement from the AFC follows:

The Alliance For Change has submitted a list of Members for Parliament with a balance of experience and youth. These persons were selected through a rigorous process  undertaken by the Party’s National Executive Council who voted on the issue, ranking the top nine candidates who will  comprise the AFC’s component to the  APNU+AFC’s team of Parliamentarians.        Continue reading

Guyana Politics: APNU, AFC talks stall over prime ministerial candidate

From left are Dominic Gaskin, Cathy Hughes, Sherod Duncan and Raphael Trotman

From left are Dominic Gaskin, Cathy Hughes, Sherod Duncan and Raphael Trotman


Speaking at press conference on October 24, AFC Treasurer Dominic Gaskin explained that the naming of the Presidential and PM candidates by the APNU and AFC respectively remains a “fundamental and non-negotiable tenet” of the coalition.            Continue reading

Guyana Politics: Ramjattan to challenge Nagamootoo for PM post

Photo: Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo (left), and Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan

Guyana Politics: Charandass Persaud plans party to prevent PNCR or PPP/C majority

Charrandass Persaud plans to sue Ramjattan, Top Cop on return

  • believes new party will prevent PNCR, PPP/C parliamentary majority

Stabroek News – 03 February 2019.

With his return to Guyana expected to be “very soon,” former government parliamentarian Charrandass Persaud says his first move will be filing lawsuits against Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan and Police Commissioner Leslie James, whom he believes have slandered him.

Persaud told Sunday Stabroek during a telephone interview last Thursday that he will also pursue his plans to establish his own political party, which he is confident will get enough support for at least four seats at the next general elections.     Continue reading

The AFC at 12: The journey has ended – by Freddie Kissoon  

The AFC at 12: The journey has ended31

 Yesterday marked one dozen years since the Alliance for Change came into being at the Ocean View Hotel, Liliendaal on October 29, 2005. I thought of doing this article yesterday, the actual birthday, but I considered the topic on the insensitivity of our leaders to poverty in Guyana more pressing and relevant for a Sunday column.

Has the AFC become a fading superstar? I think the final performance on stage will be 2020. It is definitely outside the scope of one newspaper column to analyse the twelve-year journey of the AFC. The AFC has not had an attractive birth or continuation of its life. It was essentially a middle class formation that followed Raphael Trotman out of the PNC, and Sheila Holder brought a few middle class admirers with her.   Continue reading

Massive turnout at Guyana Golden Jubilee celebration in New York

Massive turnout at Guyana Golden Jubilee celebration in New York

A section of the attendees at the Guyana Jubilee Unity Concert last Sunday in Brooklyn.

A section of the attendees at the Guyana Jubilee Unity Concert last Sunday in Brooklyn.

The parade, which commenced at Church and Utica Avenues in the heart of the Guyanese-American community in Brooklyn, was led by Committee Chairman, Mr. Rickford Burke, Guyanese American New York State Senator-Hon. Roxanne Persaud, Guyana’s Second Vice-President and Minister of National Security, Khemraj Ramjattan and Guyana’s Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson. The Christian Fellowship Pathfinder Club Marching Band was the drum corps of the parade.   Continue reading

UPDATED: 17 prisoners dead, five others injured in violent Georgetown Prison unrest

16 prisoners dead, five others injured in violent Georgetown Prison unrest

Georgetown Prison on fire

Georgetown Prison on fire

 The death toll in Thursday’s violent unrest at the Georgetown Prison has risen to 16, even  as authorities said calm has been restored to the maximum security facility.

Guyana’s Public  Security Minister, Khemraj Ramjattan said the incident was also engaging the attention of President David GrangerContinue reading

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