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“Shadeism”: descrimination based on skin colour -video

“Shadeism”: descrimination based on skin colour -video included

http://shadeism.com/#  View video here   [vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/16210769 w=400&h=300]

This documentary short is an introduction to the issue of shadeism, descrimination that exists between the lighter-skinned and darker-skinned members of the same community…Through the eyes and words of 5 young women and 1 little girl – all females of colour – the film takes us into the thoughts and experiences of each.

Overall, ‘Shadeism’ explores where shadeism comes from, how it directly affects us as women of colour, and ultimately, begins to explore how we can move forward through dialogue and discussion.  read more 

More articles on Shadism are listed on the St. Stanislaus College Blog:


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