Western diplomats urge talks over Linden crisis

Western diplomats urge talks over Linden crisis; US embassy staff prohibited from Linden

As unrest continued in Linden against a steep hike in electricity rates, three Western Nations on Thursday appealed for calm with at least one of the diplomatic missions banning its staff to travel to Linden.

“We appeal to all parties and stakeholders to work together in a spirit of national unity to prevent any further violence and to resolve current tensions through an open and inclusive dialogue,” the Canadian, British and American diplomatic representatives said in  brief statement.                   

They expressed their “profound regret” at the tragic loss of life that took place July 18th in Linden.  “We extend our heartfelt condolences to the families and friends of those who have lost their lives or suffered injury.”

Three persons were killed when police opened fire on protesters opposed to the increase in electricity tariffs from July 1. Police said they were forced to fire pellets into the crowd because many of them were robbing persons and burning vehicles.

After the clash, the Region 10 headquarters of the Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) and the Linmine General Office were burnt down by angry residents. They blocked and stoned fire tenders from getting close to the blaze.

The joint statement by the three Western Nations’ diplomatic representatives came even as police and soldiers were patrolling parts of Linden where residents were burning debris to block off some streets.

At the same time, the United States embassy in an internal memo told staff to stay away from Linden, the scene of “violent protests,” and be careful when moving about in Georgetown where there are “ongoing protests.”

“Regional Security Officer (RSO) advises to limit your exposure in and around Georgetown to necessary travel. Travel toLinden is prohibited until further notice,” states the document.

The RSO also advised embassy personnel to avoid large gatherings of people and be aware of traffic delays and increased pedestrian presence in potential problem areas as listed above.

“This list of areas is not comprehensive and caution should be used in all areas,” the RSO added.

Radios and cellular phones must be fully charged, vehicles fuelled before nightfall and vehicles and homes stocked with the necessary emergency supplies.

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  • wycs  On 07/20/2012 at 7:08 pm

    The problems at Linden could have been avoided. It is alleged that two persons – Lincoln lewis and Aubrey Norten, caused all the furore. They wanted this to happen when they were in their Luxury houses all safe when the Linders had to face the brunt of the bullets. This is often the case in Guyana where the cowards run and leave the people to take the bullets. There are many Linders who were never involved with the Opposition Parties and the two who caused the problems. These two men, it is alleged, are born racist playing the two major races against each other. Instead the opposition could have sat down with the Govt and sort out the Electricity problem instead of having this mess in Linden which was totally a SET UP, There must be order in each Community. It is sad when poor inhabitants have to suffer in this way all because of a few misguided individuals.

  • Cyril Balkaran  On 07/21/2012 at 8:38 am

    The Editor. It would appear that the Linden Problem does have the potential to escalate if not handled carefully. It is already tragic that the loss of human lives has occurred. The Commissioner of Police, must act on the above information and put the surveillance on the Lincon Lewis and Aubrey Norten. If these two persons have neen involved in inciting the civil unrest then we expect the top cop to take action and this entire unrest be immediately called off. This is now not about the increased in rate of the Electricity which was discussed in meetings with the opposition and government post budget debate. The PM had advised that it is time that Linden come in line with the rest of the country as far as payments of the electricity consumed by Lindiners are concerned. The issue is apparently larger than the Linden Issue and it would appear that many who are the enemies of the Guyanese people are behaving as ‘Sheep in wolf’s clothing”
    This dastard act has been committed. An Inquiry will be soon commissioned, no doubt and the Public will know the results. In the meantime everything must be done within everyone’s capacity to spread peace and calm. Headlines as Guyana KIllings are bad in taste and picture some thing else. Linden shootings by police is more appropriate and should be used carefully. Guyana is 83,000 square miles and you also know that what happens in Berbice may not affect me in Essequibo. This is the point and there must be healing in Linden, Wismar and wherever these self formented hot spots are there must be some one to lead the population into sobre and away from the mob mentality. Who is grieving today, It is the poor people who lost their loved one in Linden. Why is the protset not called off. Why has Granger not ask for a return to normalcy so far. When will he ask for healing. Look at Eusi Kayana statement to the INternational Community. It is all a set up. The government is already tainted with the Corruption issue now owing to the action of the Police its hands are being blood stained. What do the people of Linden and Wismar and where else want of this Government.The whole thing will backfire and we will again see the days of 1962 on our front doors. I close my case with sympathy to the grieving souls in Linden. Guyana is governable but there are people who will ensure that it becomes ungovernable!

  • Romona Greene  On 07/21/2012 at 8:05 pm

    0h I feel very, very sad to hear we have no words to solve problems anymore, just bullets, is this what we rely on now! Please Mr Ramotar we must deal with those sheep in wolves clothing, surley you must know who they are and remove them instantly. I am far away and my heart is broken, crying and feeling the pain of those people in Linden please!

  • Cyril Balkaran  On 07/23/2012 at 9:35 am

    Everywhere in this global family there is something brewing. The statements that come out of the mouths of the Politicians everywhere is always taken out of context by the Mass Media everywhere and by the time an apology comes around enough collateral damage is done that keeps the worls apart and the people adrift. The lack of good Governence all over the world have inspired the Satanic forces and they are at work in every Parliament of this Global village. The 65 Parliamentarians in Guyana saw this as a coming event and they were gloating over this one and they were saying to themselves let’s see how the political administration handles this one and so the time came for their forecast and they said “I told you so” They now laugh and say its the Precipice! What a word in the dictionary to be used for only one uprising and the dark horses are riding again! The ambassadors are doing their work including picking up garbage off the streets of Georgetown. How Great is that, Now let them form the Commission of Inquiry as you want an International presence for a wrong to the State. Are you so intent on damaging the good name of Guyana,folks. What is there for the Int Community to do in this highly visible situation. You have the VIdeos and the action caught on Cameras. Why must any one resign so who will answer for their actions. Subpoenas will not do then. Think it over you are also asking for the resignation of the Clement Rohee, How will this help the Commission. You all need a lesson in YOGA so that with 3 deep breaths your bad emotions will turn into good emotions and love for the wrong doer. We must pardon the wrong doer or else you know what you will be called upon to do. Yoga is the answer to the Politicians problems. We empathyse with you guys. You have asked the electorate to put you where you are and now you must perform and do so very well. This is your game and your world. Be a great stage player. Base the facts on the truth of the Shootings so that the souls of the departed may find PEACE. Half truths and lies will interefere with the travel of the souls of those loved ones who did not come out alive!

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