Guyana Killings – PNC says charge ROHEE AND COP HIKEN

Guyana Killings – PNC says charge ROHEE AND COP HIKEN

Guyana Killings – PNC says charge ROHEE AND COP HIKEN

The PNCR calls for the immediate resignation of the Minister of Home Affairs, Mr. Clement Rohee. He is just as guilty as policeman Hiken and should also be charged with murder. Reliable sources in the Guyana Police Force have confirmed that the Minister was giving direct instructions to this rogue cop and is, therefore, responsible for the murder of innocent citizens.

PRESS RELEASE  BY:      People’s National Congress Reform

Thursday, July 19, 2012


The Peoples National Congress Reform condemns the wanton shooting and brutal killing of innocent citizens of Linden yesterday, Wednesday 18th July 2012, by the PPP/C Government controlled elements of the Guyana Police Force while these citizens were exercising their guaranteed Constitutional rights by engaging in a peaceful demonstration at Linden. The Party conveys its deepest condolences to the wives, children and relatives of those killed and also expresses sympathy to the many who are now suffering from the injuries caused by the indiscriminate shooting. The Party also wishes to convey its appreciation to the medical personnel who are now rendering needed assistance to the injured.

Read press release: Guyana Killings – PNC says charge ROHEE AND COP HIKEN

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  • Cyril Balkaran  On 07/23/2012 at 3:07 am

    The Police shootings in Linden accounted for 3 deaths. The media has reported the true picture of the extent of the looting, arson, beating of innocent people and yet the Opposition has classified this protest as being peaceful, The police are not mad people to open fire on innocent civilians, and so PNCR must state the truth to our citzens. The opposition has so far failed to condemn the actions of the few that are responsible for this sad state of our Lindeners. They are supporting the actions of the minority who are a national disgrace. You must pay your bills be it electricity or otherwise. The State cannot ask the country to pay for the electricity that Lindeners consume. Let’s be real, to attack an Institution for free electricity is a great shame anywhere in the world. Why cry wolf when its a simple matter to avoid the disaster,is to accept the new tariff on Electricity for Lindeners. Government must act to supervise the interest of the Nation and in so doing it will ensure that peace prevails among the troubled society.

    • guyaneseonline  On 07/23/2012 at 4:22 am

      Mr. Balkaran:
      You are an avid commentator on this Blog. Many of your entries are too long. Some are also repetitive and off the points of the particular subject.
      I have refrained from editing comments made by persons as I believe in free speech… however…
      I will intercede whenever there is blatant misinformation especially at this time in relation to the the Linden situation.
      Yes there was arson on the first night after persons were shot.None since.
      Yes there was some destruction of government property but very limited looting that was confined to government offices…. on Wednesday night … none since
      There was the burglary on the Digicel offices and these people were given up to the Police. The Region 10 Chairman at a meeting has specifically said that there should be no looting or harm done to persons.
      I have not seen any reports of persons being beaten so your statement is FALSE, unless you have proof.

      The situation in Linden is grave and should have been solved months ago. I am afraid that now we may be at the first stage of the complete destruction of Guyana as backing down now by either side would be considered as a sign of weakness. It does not look good at all… Let us hope that cool heads prevail and that this and other major governmental issues in Guyana are solved.

  • MikeM  On 07/23/2012 at 5:04 am

    From Brutal Facts newsletter – July 22, 2012

    Commander on the Ground Clifton Hicken gives command to murder, and then celebrates at Pegasus

    Just yesterday, Senior Police Superintendent Clifton Hicken was at Pegasus poolside with friends, laughing, joking and enjoying some drinks. Today, he celebrated his birthday but for many, there was no cause for celebration. Cifton Hicken did not show the crowds at the Linden protest any mercy when he approved the murderous firing into the crowd of protesters with live rounds. Clifton Hicken approved the murders of 3 protesters and the wounding of 12 others; protesters who were simply exercising their democratic rights to protest against a vindictive government’s punishment of a group of citizens who were supporters of the opposition government. The Linden protesters were saying, “we have 75% unemployment, we cannot pay a 700% increase in electricity, we are not on the GPL power grid, we want justice, we want equal rights.”

    Clifton Hicken is no stranger to controversy. He is the officer who was driving a drug dealer’s car on the Eve Leary Police compound last year and in spite of numerous orders to stop driving the drug dealer’s flashy and expensive BMW automobile onto police property by then Commissioner Henry Greene, he persisted. Clifton Hicken cavorted with drug dealers and the police chief had no control over him. It meant that Hicken was connected to a much higher power, Hicken was connected directly to Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee; a man who’s visa has been revoked by the US embassy, and he was empowered and there was nothing anyone could do about it.

    Hicken was so empowered that he offered protection to devious characters who were allowed to play soccer every Sunday at the TSU tarmac. Hicken was so empowered that he instructed ranks not to stop certain vehicles when encountered on the road and according to local reports, he was in charge of some 400 ranks as well as most of the force’s arms and ammunitions.

    In the true style of a police force rife with corruption and bullied by Minister Rohee, instead of being fired after an investigation, Hicken was allowed to remain on the force, where his sense of empowerment, his direct relationship with Rohee and his inflated sense of self caused him to follow through on orders from Clement Rohee and Roger Luncheon and approve the firing of live rounds into a crowd of people who were simply standing up for their rights.

    It is indeed telling, that today he continues to walk the streets, celebrate his birthday, and enjoy some drinks at Pegasus while 3 bodies of fathers, sons, friends, brothers are in the morgue awaiting post mortem examinations. Is there justice in Guyana? You decide.

    ©2012 BrutalFactsGt | Georgetown, Guyana

  • de castro  On 07/23/2012 at 10:47 am

    having read the above ….it is very believeable indeed…
    “guyana police need “training” on how to deal with “rioters”…the chosen option of “shooting” protestors is unforgiveable …it will never be forgotten….
    Mr Hicken should be “instructed” to do the right thing….RESIGN.

    It is no longer a “political” issue but more a “moral” one…
    MR HICKEN would be wise to “resign” or he will have to live the rest of his life in “FEAR” ….revenge is usually “sweet” !

    I beg that this remains a “moral” issue and we keep the “politricks” out …to avoid an escalation of the matter.
    commonsense approach is very neccessary here.


  • de castro  On 07/27/2012 at 9:39 am

    MR HICKEN may be a “trouble maker” but as a “subordinate” he would have “OBEYED” the order to “FIRE”….
    Scapegoating him does not help the situ or the deceased
    families….maybe “politricks” comes into the “picture”…
    If the MINISTER responsible did give the order to “FIRE” then the
    minister should do the right thing and resign…
    my take on the issue…
    MR HICKEN will have to live the rest of his life in the “gutters” …he has the “blood” of three people on his hands…
    my spin entirely and am sure many others will disagree and hope they “respond” with their reasons….I welcome that…

    forever the optimist

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