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The Tramways of Georgetown – British Guiana (Republished)

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by Allen Morrison

Tram on Water Street, Georgetown -1928
Tram on Water Street, Georgetown -1908

British Guiana – today called Guyana – was one of three colonies settled by Northern Europeans on the northeast coast of South America. Jurisdiction and borders were disputed for 400 years and it was not until recently that any degree of autonomy was achieved. French Guiana became a département of France in 1946. Dutch Guiana acquired independence and became Republic of Suriname in 1975. British Guiana got its independence in 1966 and was renamed Guyana; it became Republic of Guyana in 1970. The Dutch gave the name Stabroek to their metropolis on the Demerara River. The British renamed it Georgetown in 1812.

In 1848 the British built a railroad, 5 miles long, from Georgetown to Plaisance, which was the first railroad on the South American continent. (Peru and Chile opened their first railroads in 1851…

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Guyana: Auditor General criticises Tender Board

AG criticises Tender Board for $1.3 B allocation to New GPC

February 12, 2012 | By KNews |

…cites gross irregularities

Accusing fingers are being pointed to the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board for approving the payment of an exorbitant sum to the New Guyana Pharmaceutical Corporation Limited.
According to the 2010 Auditor General Report the astronomical sum of $1.252 billion was paid to the company on the basis of sole sourcing and not by competitive bidding as required under the Procurement Act (2003).
The transactions with the firm, the Report outlines, were for the procurement of drugs and medical supplies.

This practice was also extended to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC). The public hospital, the Report stated, also procured drugs and medical supplies at a cost of $879.914M based on awards of contracts by the Tender Board without a system of competitive bidding as required under the said Procurement Act.  [Read more]

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Guyana Cultural Assoc of New York – February 2012 Newsletter

Guyana Cultural Association of New York Inc. February 2012 Newsletter

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PAGE 3: “Helen of Troy” 1961
PAGE 4:  Black History Month
PAGE 6: How Mash started
PAGE 7: Memories of a Costume Designer
PAGE 8: How Mash started
PAGE 9:  Mash 2012
PAGE 10: Ting-A-Ling
PAGE 11: Praise Good Men
PAGE 12-13: When Giants Pass
PAGE 14: Memorial for Godfrey Chin
PAGE 15: Poem-Double Negative
PAGE 16-17: Phillip Moore
PAGE 18-19: Keith Waithe
PAGE 20: Immigration Debate
PAGE 21: February the shortest month
PAGE 22: Publications
PAGE 23: Book Review
PAGE 24: Expectant Fathers
PAGE 25: Future Generations
PAGE 26: Community Events Continue reading