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Cruise liner docks in Georgetown

Cruise liner docks in Georgetown

February 6, 2012 | By KNews | Filed Under News

As the country continues to gain international recognition among tour operators, the cruise liner MV Vista Mar cruise ship docked at the Guyana National Shipping Corporation’s (GNSC’s) wharf yesterday, with over 300 passengers and crew members on board.
This marks the 2nd anchorage for the German-flag carrier which has a carrying capacity of 400.
It is the first cruise liner to dock in Guyana for the year.
While the ship was docked at the GNSC wharf, its passengers were allowed a few hours to shop at the La Penitence Market, and some chose to tour other parts of the city.  Read more


Last March this cruise liner made its first visit to Guyana.  Here was the report:


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DPP recommends charges Henry Greene

DPP recommends charges Henry Greene

February 5, 2012 | By KNews |

Well placed sources within the Chambers of the Director of Public Prosecutors have confirmed that a criminal charge would be laid against embattled Police Commissioner Henry Greene on Tuesday. Kaieteur News understands that Greene is expected to be charged with rape.
This newspaper was further told that Greene is expected to be arraigned shortly at the Georgetown Magistrates Court before the Chief Magistrate Priya Beharry.   read more

Also read:

Police Commissioner Greene moves to the High Court to block rape charge ; says sex was consensual

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Hard at Work in the Jobless Future – Commentary

Hard at Work in the Jobless Future – Commenary

 By James H. Lee

Jobs are disappearing, but there’s still a future for work. An investment manager looks at how automation and information technology are changing the economic landscape and forcing workers to forge new career paths beyond outdated ideas about permanent employment.

Futurists have long been following the impacts of automation on jobs—not just in manufacturing, but also increasingly in white-collar work. Those in financial services, for example, are being lost to software algorithms, and intelligent computers.*

Terms used for this phenomenon include “off-peopling” and “othersourcing.” As Jared Weiner of Weiner, Edrich, Brown recently observed, “Those jobs are not going to return—they can be done more efficiently and error-free by intelligent software.”

In the investment business (in which I work), we are seeing the replacement of financial analysts with quantitative analytic systems, and floor traders with trading algorithms. Mutual funds and traditional portfolio managers now compete against ETFs (exchange-traded funds), many of which offer completely automated strategies.

Industries that undergo this transformation don’t disappear, but the number of jobs that they support changes drastically. Consider the business of farming, which employed half the population in the early 1900s but now provides just 3% of all jobs. The United States is still a huge exporter of food; it is simply a far more efficient food producer now in terms of total output per farm worker. Continue reading

The Royal Visit of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip to British Guiana in 1966.

The Royal Visit of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip to British Guiana in 1966.

Queen Elizabeth II has just celebrated the 60th year as a monarch.  Here we show a short film of her visit to British Guiana in early 1966: 

 Click the picture or this link : http://www.britishpathe.com/video/the-royal-tour


This item is shot in Technicolor.   British Guiana (Guyana).Various shots of the Orinduik Falls in British Guiana. Several shots of large sugar plantation with men working on it. Several long shots of a village, Dogs, chicken, monkeys etc.Several shots of Georgetown, the capital of British Guiana. Royal yacht Britannia in harbour.

Close up shot of Royal Standard. Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, arriving on shore and are greeted by the Governor Sir Richard Luyt and wife. Press taking photographs. Several dignitaries presented to the Queen. Queen and Duke driving in the open car through crowded streets, people cheering loudly.

Queen and Prince Philip waving from the balcony of Parliament building. Mass crowd cheering.Queen and Prince Philip unveil portraits of themselves in legislative chamber, dignitaries looking on. Queen and Prince Philip driving in the open car to Promenade Gardens, large crowd cheering.

Various shots of the Queen meeting various dignitaries and their wives at the party at Promenade Gardens.

Train arriving to station in the village of Plaisance, large crowd cheering. Queen, Duke and Prime Minster leaving the train. Calypso band playing. Queen and Duke leaving on the train, they wave, crowd waving and cheering.

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