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Supplementary budget hits snag in parliament

Supplementary budget hits snag in parliament

(Demerara Waves) – Friday February 17, 2012

An eight-hour parliamentary session to consider two financial papers on Thursday has left the government disappointed as the opposition used its majority to disrupt the now annual routine passage of the papers through the House.

The government brought two supplementary financial papers to the House to the tune of some GUY$3.5B (Financial Paper No.8) and GUY$2.24B (Financial Paper No.7) but ended the day with only some GUY$2.16B of the latter approved and the other sent back.  Most of the sitting was spent going through the 13 items and sub-units of Financial Paper No.7.  [Read more]

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FEBRUARY 17, 2012 | BY KNEWS |             … Govt. flabbergasted

“It bothers me that we are being asked to replenish money already spent, contrary to the law,” Moses Nagamootoo

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“In this country, men believe that they can break the law and do whatever it is that they like because those who are close to the government have been able to get away with it”- APNU MP Carl Greenidge   [read more]

Govt. continues to abuse Contingency Fund –says Auditor General

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 …$50 B overdrawn from special accounts

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