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Combined Opposition strikes another blow in Parliament

Combined Opposition strikes another blow in Parliament


…secures majority votes on Committee of Selection

Mere minutes after the Head of State Donald Ramotar charged Members of Parliament to avoid gridlock and find consensus, the House seemed destined for a brawl as the nominations for the Parliamentary Committee of Selection were held.
The Speaker, Raphael Trotman had his work cut out on the first functional day of the business of the House when the members on the different sides of the aisle could not agree on the configuration for the Umbrella Committee.
The Parliamentary Committee is the body tasked with electing the members of the various other standing committees of the National Assembly, each tasked with its own arena of work.  read more

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USA Elections – “Meet The Canada Party” – satirical video

“Meet The Canada Party” as it enters the U.S. Presidential race

Global News : Friday, January 06, 2012

The crowded 2012 Presidential race is getting a little more crowded, as a group from north of the border attempts to join the race.   The following video has now gone viral as it is quite funny.

The group, The Canada Party, released a satirical video (that has quickly gone viral) announcing their intention to run Canada for President of the United States.
The video is designed as a satirical take on the regular campaign advertisement featuring a candidate championing their successes and policies.

The video begins with “O Canada” playing in the background and a man sitting in front of a fire. He begins by saying “Hello America, It’s us, Canada. You know, the country you pretend to be when travelling.”

“We humbly launch our new political party for the 2012 U.S. election.”      See the video below.

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Gov’t will not be held ransom – Ramotar tells Nat’l Assembly

Gov’t will not be held ransom – Ramotar tells Nat’l Assembly

February 10, 2010 – Demerara Waves

President Donald Ramotar has said that his minority PPP/C government will not be held ransom by the opposition in the new political dispensation which sees the AFC and APNU holding a one-seat majority in the 65-seat National Assembly.

In his inaugural address to the House President Ramotar said the new construct emerging from the November 28 elections provides an historic opportunity for Guyana.

In a speech lasting some 37 minutes the president said his administration would be loath to accept gridlocks which could stymie Guyana’s development.

“I am satisfied that we are capable of demonstrating to the Guyanese nation that while political competition and diversity are essential in a democracy they should not foreclose on the possibilities for compromise and consensus in the way we do business.   Read more

Read: Full text of President Donald Ramotar’s speech

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