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Oxymoronically speaking – Commentary by Freddie Kissoon

Oxymoronically speaking – Commentary by Freddie Kissoon


The people that form the leadership of the Government of Guyana do not deserve to hold the high offices that they do. Their level of thinking brings disrespect and ridicule from society. There are times when the main actors in the PPP Government should shut their mouths and just stay quiet whenever the press or the opposition stumbles upon a depraved policy.
It is downright stupid the way the Guyana Government reacted to the description of its pact with Ansa McAl as a secret. Is there such a thing as a public secret? I guess oxymoronically speaking. How can a document be public when no one knows about it and it has not been released for public scrutiny?
But this is what the Guyana Government has told the nation. It boggles the mind to know that Guyana has these people who are in charge of the administration of the nation’s affairs.
The Guyanese people did not know that their government had entered into an agreement with Ansa McAl to release 110,000 hectares of prime, untouched land in Canje, Berbice for ethanol production. We learnt of this from a Trinidad newspaper. Continue reading

The Kaieteur Legend – by Errol Ross Brewster

The Kaieteur Legend – by Errol Ross Brewster

Kaieteur is a 2 min documentary about the legend of sacrifice by the leader of the Patamona, at Kaieteur – the highest single drop waterfall in the world, and the potential threat from the extractive gold and diamond mining industry which has caused environmental damage in the Mazaruni of Guyana, South America.

Please click the YouTube logo on the picture below as it has to be viewed on YouTube:

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Mashramani 2012 Guyana – pictures

Here are lots of pictures of the Mashramani 2012 parade

                Float from the Digicel band that won first prize in the parade competition

Pictures are from the Amanda Richards collection on Flickr.com at this link:


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