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” I’m Coming Home” (A tribute to Guyana) – music video

Written & performed by Nadeer. Filmed on location in Guyana 2008

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The Peking Circus – Unicycle Performance

The Peking Circus – Unicycle routine performed in France – wonderful!!

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OMG !!! SUGAR??? – By Ron Persaud

OMG !!!  SUGAR???

By Ron Persaud – rpersaud7@tampabay.rr.com

They want to regulate sugar!  Sucrose! C12 H22 O11. Oh! That sweet stuff I used to suck from a piece of sugar cane which my mother had thoughtfully and lovingly peeled for me. Do you remember how they sliced away the cane peel, chopped out the two “knots” and split the clean joint into four manageable pieces by two vertical slices at right angles to each other?

A vendor near the Georgetown Ferry Stelling went one better. He would squeeze the juice out of the sugar cane stalks on a portable mill and sell the sweet, cool liquid for 8 cents a glass. I can recall the milk-colored “squeezings” oozing as he re-doubled the rinds and doubled down on his efforts for yet one more time. As a youth I often had to guide my grandparents’ age group around the city; the hospital, Post Office Building etc. Their trip would end with me accompanying them to the stelling for the beginning of their homeward trip to Leguan. My reward was a “small piece” and a glass of cane juice if the vendor was there. Continue reading

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