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Linden Fund USA (LFU)- Summer Events in New Jersey – BBQ on June 25 + Fun Day on July 17, 2022

The Linden Fund USA is hosting two events this summer in New Jersey.  A BBQ Lime will take place on Saturday, June 25th in Newark, NJ. And after a two-year hiatus, we will gather again for our annual Family Fun Day event to be held on Sunday, July 17th in Plainfield, NJ. 
Enjoy a fun relaxing time catching up with old friends in an open atmosphere.  See the attached flyers.  

USA: Politics: Why Losing The Midterms Isn’t The Worst Thing For Democrats – Opinion

By Matt Bai | The Washington Post

If you’re a Democrat looking for reasons to be hopeful about your electoral prospects, then I’ve got one of those classic good news/bad news scenarios for you.

The bad news — everyone always wants the bad news first — is that your party is heading for a world of hurt in the USA Midterm Elections in November 2022. Every poll can’t be wrong.

The good news is that getting blown out in 2022 may well be the only path you have to holding the White House in 2024.          Continue reading

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