GUYANA: Politics: Aubrey Norton projected to win PNCR leadership in landslide

-congratulated by other contenders

Aubrey Norton
Aubrey Norton

With preliminary results showing a landslide victory for the PNCR’s Aubrey Norton as Leader of the Party, the other two contenders Joseph Harmon and Dr Richard Van West-Charles have conceded and extended congratulations to him.

Norton in a brief telephone interview this morning told Stabroek News that he received calls from both of his competitors between last night and this morning.

He said that Harmon called him last night and extended congratulations while Van West-Charles called today.         

Norton from the unofficial results is projected to win regions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, & 10 while Harmon managed to secure victory in Region 7.

According to Norton, the races in regions 2 & 6 between him and Harmon were close however in Region 7, there was a significant difference as Harmon secured 20 votes and he got 10.

“The results show it is a convincing win for us…” Norton said this morning.

He said his team is now focused on uniting the party and will be engaged in working with other persons who would have campaigned on different slates.

The PNCR is yet to provide official results. A press briefing has been scheduled for 3 pm today.

Harmon, the Leader of the Opposition, has released the following statement:

Yesterday our party delegates voted at the 21st Biennial Congress of the PNCR. The delegates made their choice for PNCR leader, Comrade Aubrey Norton and officers to fill the position of Chairman, 2 Vice Chairpersons, Treasurer and 15 members of the Central Executive Committee (CEC). I respect the choice of the delegates of our party. I wish to congratulate Comrade Norton and want to extend good wishes and all success to the new leadership. Over the coming weeks I am sure matters related to the new leadership will arise and I stand committed to the unity of the party as an ordinary member.


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