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VIDEO: Snow Cloud Avalanche in the Mountains of Nepal – Spectacular

Exceptional photography —   Many have never heard of this phenomenon.
A “cloud avalanche” of snow occurred near the Kapuche Glacier Lake in the mountains of Nepal. 
That scene is extremely rare, it’s lucky enough to see it once in a lifetime. Best viewed in Full Screen Mode.

At that time, a group of travel companions were camping by the lake, and they took the risk of taking pictures of this rare visual feast.      Continue reading

Disaster: The La Soufriere volcanic eruption in St. Vincent …..

— Caring, loving and learning in struggle:

Judy Grant is a Vincentian born, PhD Candidate in Adult Education and Community Development at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE)  and the Collaborative Program in Women and Gender Studies at University of Toronto.

While sitting at my kitchen table to write this piece, tears roll down my face as I stare out of my window and catch a glimpse of the blue Atlantic Ocean through the brilliant sunshine dominating the grey volcanic ashes permeating Stubbs Village, in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.          Continue reading

Arts on Sunday: Remembering Michael Gilkes – By Al Creighton

Guyana”  (for Henry Muttoo)

  • Doan’ tell me ‘bout Guyana.
  • I barn deh in t’irty-t’ree.
  • Meh great-granfadduh was a black man,
  • granmuddah was a Puttagee.
  • One a meh granfadduh was a coolie-man,
  • ah draw Buck, white an’ Chinee.
  • Dey call it ‘the land of six peoples’
  • but is seven, unless you doan count me.           

Continue reading

Commentary: The Hague Jumbie – By Dave Martins


We grow up in Guyana, and the Caribbean generally, with this notion of jumbie, soucoyant, ol’ higue, etc. very firmly entrenched. Grownups swear by it, and some will even walk about with some object or liquid to “mek jumbie back off”.  Interestingly, when you’re very young it’s not very much on your radar (being oblivious to many things is a blessed part of youth), but as you get older and you start to hear about these detailed personal encounters with jumbie, usually told with a lot of intensity by “big people”, the belief in spirits, other than the DDL variety, often grows and is taken seriously.          Continue reading

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