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St. Vincent: La Soufriere volcano explosions and eruptions continue

SOURCE: CMC – The La Soufriere volcano in SVG could erupt “anytime from now”, lead scientist Professor Richard Robertson said Thursday, following a significant increase in activity. It has now started to erupt and evacuations have been ordered.

MONEY: We Are Living Through The Scariest Economic Experiment In History Right Now – Video by Jack Chapple

By Jack Chapple- April 5, 2021

Many countries around the world have, on paper…seemingly recovered from the economic collapse that occurred last year. Unemployment rates are getting closer to normal, the number of business bankruptcies has hit a 2 year low, and the stock market is at an all time high? On the surface, this seems great. But in reality, we are actually going through the biggest and scariest economic experiment in history. An experiment which could help bring us into a golden age of a new kind of economy…or it could bring us into a new dark age that the world has never seen before.    Continue reading

BUSINESS: The Rise And Fall Of The Cruise Industry – Business Insider

Until COVID-19 hit, the global cruise industry was on course for a record-breaking year. But major coronavirus outbreaks on board ships cost lives, jobs, and damaged the reputation of the fastest-growing sector of the travel industry.

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