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Super League: Why are football’s biggest clubs starting a new tournament? – BBC News

james Milner of Liverpool is fouled by Casemiro of Real Madrid during the UEFA Champions League Quarter Final Second Leg match between Liverpool FC and Real Madrid at Anfield on April 14, 2021

BBC NEWS  20 April 2021: There’s been a massive backlash against plans by some of the world’s biggest football clubs to start a new European Super League (ESL).

The clubs involved say the ESL will benefit football as a whole, but critics say it’s driven by greed.

Which teams want the Super League?

Twelve clubs have signed up – six of them from the English Premier League.

Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham, have joined AC Milan, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Juventus and Real Madrid.              Continue reading

CUBA Politics: Castro’s heir faces pressure to accelerate reform in Cuba – Reuters

Since succeeding his mentor Raul Castro, 89, as president in 2018, Miguel Diaz-Canel, 60, has emphasized the need for continuity over renewal.      Continue reading

LETTER: The principle of fairness is less evident in the most articulate of us – By Eusi Kwayana

 Letter in

In the past week or so many Guyanese have gone out of their way to express their opinions on some aspects of my years of activity in public affairs. I am grateful to them for their generosity and thank those who thought it fit to organize events around this theme, and in all cases, without my expecting them. I also thank those who declined to join the panel, or, were no longer present when called upon to speak. In particular, I am very excited about the idea of planting food trees as a practice to celebrate birthdays of those we know closely.

Today, I wish to discuss a very old-fashioned theme or principle which is less and less evident in the public expressions of the most articulate of us. It is the old but very important principle of “fairness.”      Continue reading

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