GUYANA: Encouraging Events, Disturbing Developments – By GHK Lall

Vaccine, frontline workers, inclusive oil governance, US diplomats, the president and mayor

Kaieteur News – The biggest piece of encouraging news was that Pfizer announced that a COVID-19 vaccine is close. As the weather gets colder up north, and Guyanese airports are reopened as it turns cooler here down south, a vaccine in the vicinity is most uplifting.

I would take a vaccine willingly. The issue is when and how many vaccines Guyana is going to get. We may not be high on the priority list of places to be offered relief. Then, there will be a fight here over who gets vaccinated first, who are compulsory recipients. Those all trouble, and there is something else sure to raise its head.     

Black Guyanese (like Americans) have little trust in any vaccine; there are numerous fears. To that, I add, concerns over what the white man and a wicked PPP government may have in mind for them, through an endangering vaccine.

Then, I was encouraged that frontline healthcare workers are to receive a risk allowance. How much and from when are still being worked out; but the thinking is that such allowances should be deeply retroactive. I hope that there is no dispute over the definition of frontline health workers. At its narrowest, it would encircle doctors, nurses, and those with arm’s length interactions with patients, which would be disputed. Better to expand to include cleaners, transporters, aides, pharmacy workers, and such. Any identification of those who constitute frontline workers must, of necessity, be thoughtful, compassionate, and inclusive.


From this point on, darkness takes over, but there must be the strength that compels us to peer beneath the accompanying hazes and evils. Our current wellbeing, our future, the children’s future depends on such interest. Of recent, it is obvious that there is no opposition; that there is neither truth nor credibility in it, and particularly as those relate to oil.

Interestingly, more and more commentators publicly denounce unsparingly the conspiratorial conduct of the PPP/C, PNCR, and AFC; to those I would add the new parties that contested the elections. On oil, there are no distinguishing features. They are a pack of rogues, deceivers and swindlers of the worst sort. With our oil, I have written repeatedly that there is inclusive governance at the high levels, there is shared oil governance. The PPP/C manages and shares out the criminal purses snatched from Guyanese. The PNCR, AFC, and new parties collect. They are mostly a sordid, shameless bunch of crooks. This is not of Nigeria or Angola, it is of happenings in Guyana, which is why the PNCR-led opposition is so silent, thinks itself so cute, and like Guyana’s de facto oil minister, the almighty VP (to his partners), that they are all so sharp. This is what disturbs endlessly; and what disturbs still more is that Guyanese still love them, swoon over them, even when they kidnap the future of their children, molest that future.


Next, there is Secretary Pompeo and Ambassador Lynch, who knew and said so much about Guyana’s elections than Guyanese themselves. Because Her Excellency is a guest, I spare her. But why the disturbing silence, and why is the secretary partnering with his delusional president to sabotage democratic processes?

HONOURING VETERANS – Mayor of Georgetown NOT invited

Last, the disturbing occurred and involved the president on the day honouring veterans. On such solemn occasions that remind of long-ago sacrifices, the ultimate ones, the Mayor of Georgetown was not invited to be at the proceedings taking place in the city. I do not expect the president to know everything, but final responsibility for this embarrassment/oversight tiers back to him. There is delight when His Excellency speaks of unity; I am disturbed when what separates occurs. None are served, nothing progresses. Malice cultivated and political grudges harboured simply continue culture and history. The president must set tone and standard, be about what he preaches publicly on the inside. There is rising hope; hopes are fulfilled.

(The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Kaieteur News newspaper.) OR Guyanese Online

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  • WIC  On 11/19/2020 at 12:36 am

    Not sure how/why the GHK Lall concludes that Black Guyanese and Americans have little trust in the Covid vaccines(North American?) and it would have been helpful if the reasons for that conclusion were shared. If accurate, perhaps they would prefer vaccines from China as being more beneficial seeing that the virus is said to have been incubated there??? Freedom of press/speech doesn’t mean one is entitled to spout anything that comes to mind be it, stemming from prejudice or ignorance as it could eventually lead to censorship.

  • kamtanblog  On 11/19/2020 at 2:25 am

    Absolutely disagree !
    Let scientist and politicians take vacine first !
    Will certainly refuse vacation period.
    Some reasons below
    For decades have refused Flu jab.
    My first and only flu jab hospitalised me.
    Diagnosis “blood poisoning”…
    My immune system on melt down.
    Sorry no anabolic. Steroids for this “old fart”
    Exit certification “of natural causes”….life insurance “pay out” !
    UK is about to legalise euthanasia !
    Why ? UK nationals were traveling to Switzerland to “exit” where it is legalised
    “certification endorsed” died of natural causes.
    Not wishing to “scare monger” just check your
    Life insurance provider for any exemptions on pay out clauses….and include in your final statement “will” !

    My parents both exited in their 90’s in their peacefully everlasting sleep. Hope to follow in their footsteps !
    Am in no hurry !

    Kamtan uk-ex-EU

  • the only  On 11/19/2020 at 3:31 pm

    This man is only trying to get more K N papers sold, he dont care about anything else.

  • detow  On 11/19/2020 at 7:00 pm

    Kamtan, agree with most of your post except the “let scientists and politicians take vaccine first”. If we do allow that, and the vaccine is fatal, we would have killed off all of the people who are able to conduct further tests to develop further safe vaccines. I agree that we should make all politicians take the tests first as we, right across the world, can do without them. There are many more idiots available to take their places and who knows, maybe we might fortunate in discovering some competent persons in the wings.

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