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VIDEOS : DRIVE IN 50 CITIES: We can still travel while staying home…..

DRIVE IN 50 CITIES – Driving thru Big Cities Worldwide…. Fascinating !

We can still travel while staying home. 

You can set the speed of the vehicle, street noise and music. Or turn off the music and listen to the street noise. 

 You can drive in 50 cities around the world and spend as much time in any one of them while “driving”.          Continue reading

US POLITICS: You’re Not Supposed to Understand the Rumors About Biden

To raise doubts about the Democratic nominee, right-wing-media smears don’t even need to make sense.

   Anne Applebaum | The Atlantic

Fox News’ Laura Ingraham broke some news: An “investigative journalist” named Matthew Tyrmand had uncovered a cache of 26,000 emails belonging to Hunter Biden’s disgraced business partner Bevan Cooney, who is now in jail.

Tyrmand claimed that he had gotten hold of the emails via a person in the same facility as Cooney – a “federal work camp for white-collar infractions,” is how Tyrmand put it. Tyrmand explained that Cooney felt stiffed by Biden, the son of the Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden, and implied that Cooney had handed over his own Gmail password in an act of revenge.            Continue reading

OPINION: Why do people move out of the United States?

·- Lithuanian in the US, still not American

We are planning on leaving soon. My parents, myself and my wife. We feel like this country has mostly run its course and we’ve stayed here long enough to see that things are unfortunately trending in the wrong direction and have been rapidly deteriorating the last 4 years.

A bit of background: I was born in Lithuania in 1991. We migrated to the US (one by one) in 2003, just months before Lithuania was admitted to the EU. This is important, because much of Europe wasn’t yet open to us so moving to the US, Sweden, UK, Canada – it was all the same pre-2004.          Continue reading

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