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GUYANA 2020: GREG QUINN – On Five Eventful Years in Georgetown – on YouTube – Nov 19. 2020


GREG QUINN is leaving Guyana after five eventful years as British High Commissioner there. They have been eventful. What are his takeaways: —– About this Event – FREE 



Greg Quinn arrived as Her Majesty’s High Commissioner to Guyana in 2015.Since then it has been eventful. Three Presidents and two election seasons including the five month ‘hiatus’ in 2020. He was one of the three leading diplomats who refused to accept any election rigging. Greg has made his mark in many ways ‘back home’. What is he taking away from Guyana to the UK?     REGISTER BELOW Continue reading

GUYANA: $3M reward leads to seven new arrests for West Coast Berbice murders

Guyana Cultural Association of NY- ‘Pot Turn Down Lunch’- Saturday November 23. 2020 – NYC

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“Pot Turn Down” TAKE OUT
Don’t cook on
SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 21: 12 – 5.00 P.M.                   Continue reading

US POLITICS: Khaleel Anderson: Assembly Member. District 31 wins with 88 percent of the votes

— By: Dhanpaul Narine

Photo: Khaleel Anderson won 88 per cent of the votes in the November general elections, and will be going to Albany to represent District 31). His campaign managers are Guyanese.  

The year 2019 saw the advent of youth into local politics. They threw their hats in the ring, worked hard, and came out on top. One such person is Khaleel Anderson who won an Assembly Seat in District 31, in New York. What is remarkable is that Khaleel is only 24 years old and has a lifetime ahead in politics. Khaleel is from the Far Rockaway area. He attended school there and saw at first-hand what was needed to improve the area. It needed better schools, transportation, more employment, affordable housing, and criminal justice reform, among others. The District has a sixteen percent unemployment rate and it is an uphill battle to provide jobs.      Continue reading

US POLITICS: What the Biden administration would do differently on covid-19 – The Economist

Joe Biden

And how much difference it would make

PARTISANSHIP HAS long coloured American perceptions of covid-19. Even so, the contrast between the top echelons of the main parties was striking on November 9th, the day the country passed 10m recorded cases of the disease. On that day the White House of outgoing President Donald Trump was dealing with reports that it may have hosted a second superspreading event in the span of a month—this one for an election-night party that may have sickened Ben Carson, the housing secretary, among others. The same day, President-elect Joe Biden announced the members of the coronavirus advisory board for his transition, staffed by the sort of public-health experts the president likes to mock.          Continue reading

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