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TRAVEL to GUYANA- Information Sheet – COVID-19 requirements

VIDEO: THE GREAT RESET (Explained!) – Agenda of the World Economic Forum – By Neil McCoy-Ward

THE GREAT RESET (Explained!) – – By Neil McCoy-Ward – 734,041 views  Premiered Sep 12, 2020.

GOOD NEWS! MY APPEAL WAS SUCCESSFUL, YOUTUBE HAVE ALLOWED THIS VIDEO TO STAY UP (AFTER IT WAS BANNED IN OCTOBER…) I am still unsure why the video was banned. I have submitted a new appeal with effect: 5th Nov 2020. The video comes up with a message — Please click to proceed.
THE GREAT RESET (Explained!) We’ll be looking at: – What is The Great Reset? – What is the World Economic Forum? (WEF) – What is the significance of Davos, Switzerland? – Who pays for the Davos conference? – Who are the key players involved? – What is the 4th Industrial Revolution? – And finally, could there be a potential financial reset? – What does all this mean for you?      Continue reading

DETAILS: RE-MIGRATING TO GUYANA – Ministry of Foreign Affairs

 READ MORE: DETAILS: Remigration – to Guyana

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GUYANA: Encouraging Events, Disturbing Developments – By GHK Lall

Vaccine, frontline workers, inclusive oil governance, US diplomats, the president and mayor

Kaieteur News – The biggest piece of encouraging news was that Pfizer announced that a COVID-19 vaccine is close. As the weather gets colder up north, and Guyanese airports are reopened as it turns cooler here down south, a vaccine in the vicinity is most uplifting.

I would take a vaccine willingly. The issue is when and how many vaccines Guyana is going to get. We may not be high on the priority list of places to be offered relief. Then, there will be a fight here over who gets vaccinated first, who are compulsory recipients. Those all trouble, and there is something else sure to raise its head.      Continue reading

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