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OIL: Shell looking to strike it big on ‘Golden Lane of Oil in the Guianas’

Shell Oil

—  six years after walking away from Stabroek Block

Six years after giving up its stake in the Stabroek Block offshore Guyana where operator ExxonMobil went on to make the first world class Liza discovery just months later, Shell is now looking to strike it big on the ‘Golden Lane of Oil’ where it is set to begin exploration activities in Suriname, just miles away from the prolific Stabroek block.

Rudolf Elias, CEO of Suriname’s state oil company, Staatsolie Maatschappij Suriname NV, said on a virtual panel discussion this week that among the upcoming exploration drill campaigns offshore Suriname, one is from Shell.


US Elections: Donald Trump deserves a second term – Opinion by Scott Jennings – CNN

  – Opinion by Scott Jennings – CNN

Editor’s Note: Scott Jennings, a CNN contributor and Republican campaign adviser, is a former special assistant to President George W. Bush and a former campaign adviser to Sen. Mitch McConnell. 

(CNN)The case for President Donald Trump is simple: He made the economy work for so many Americans, kept us out of new and costly wars and even brokered peace deals in the Middle East.

He believes our taxes should be lower, not higher — and signed into law sweeping tax relief for businesses and the vast majority of federal income tax filers. He thinks government shouldn’t overregulate, rolling back numerous Obama-era overreaches, while working with his Republican allies in Congress.


GUYANA: Local Content Policy must create long-term value for generations to come – Expert

Dr. Valerie Marcel

Oct 21, 2020  Kaieteur News – When looking at the sheer scale of its oil and gas discoveries, it is clear that Guyana has in its hands an enviable amount of wealth. But to ensure that resource benefits its citizenry – the true owners of this patrimony – the politicians in office have to get a few things right.    Continue reading

VIDEO: he Collapse of American Cities Has Started. And Yours Is Next – By Jack Chapple

VIDEO: he Collapse of American Cities Has Started. And Yours Is Next

By Jack Chapple

This is the San Francisco Bay Area. It has been one of the biggest economic HUB’s of the world for the last 50 years. In fact, if this region of just 18,000 square kilometers … were to be its own country…it would have the 19th largest economy in the world…ahead of countries like Switzerland, Taiwan, Sweden, Belgium, and the United Arab Emirates.        Continue reading

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