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GUYANA: Man wanted in connection with Belgium coke seizure; broker arrested

What Belgian authorities found.

Nov 07, 2020 – Kaieteur News – As the Belgian authorities continue their probe, local investigators have arrested a broker and are looking for a businessman who is said to be a person of interest in one of biggest drug bust of that European country.

The probe is involving the Belgian authorities, the US’ Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and Guyana’s Customs Anti Narcotic Unit (CANU).    Continue reading

GUYANA OIL: Low-cost Liza Phase 2 arguably best project in oil industry – Hess’ CFO

The Liza Unity FPSO

 Nov 05, 2020 – Kaieteur News – The Liza Phase Two operation, on track for first oil in 2022, is arguably the best project in the exploration and production industry, says Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Hess Corporation, John P. Rielly.

During its most recent earnings call for 2020, the Stabroek block co-venturer’s principals discussed Hess’ 2020 third quarter performance.    Continue reading

GUYANA 2020: GREG QUINN – On Five Eventful Years in Georgetown – Watch on YouTube

Greg Quinn


GREG QUINN is leaving Guyana after five eventful years as British High Commissioner there. They have been eventful. What are his takeaways: —– About this Event – FREE 



Greg Quinn arrived as Her Majesty’s High Commissioner to Guyana in 2015.Since then it has been eventful. Three Presidents and two election seasons including the five month ‘hiatus’ in 2020. He was one of the three leading diplomats who refused to accept any election rigging. Greg has made his mark in many ways ‘back home’. What is he taking away from Guyana to the UK?            Continue reading

GUYANA: Georgetown Under Water from Heavy Rains- ” Like Never Before” – VIDEO

GUYANA: Georgetown Under Water from Heavy Rains- ” Like Never Before” – Video

Drive with me through the streets of Georgetown and see the effects of the flooding. Also see an aerial view of the city of Georgetown.

Guyanese Online: Editor’s Note:            

For over 200 years Demerara was a Dutch colony, along with Essequibo and Berbice. They designed  sturdy sea defences, and built a series of canals to drain the land after heavy rains. Their canal systems were inherited by the British after 1814 when the Dutch colonies were ceded to Britain creating British Guiana. However, over the last 200 years, many of the canals were filled in to make roads or are not properly maintained to ensure optimum drainage.        Continue reading

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