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WATCH: GREG QUINN UK High Commissioner to Guyana – Thursday November 19th – 19.00 GMT


Greg Quinn


Greg Quinn arrived as Her Majesty’s High Commissioner to Guyana in 2015. Since then it has been eventful. Three Presidents and two election seasons including the five month ‘hiatus’ in 2020.He was one of the three leading diplomats who refused to accept any election rigging. Greg has made his mark in many ways ‘back home’. What is he taking away from Guyana to the UK?

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TRAVEL: Barbados’s 12 month Welcome Stamp Work Visa initiative successful


By Adrian Loverage in Barbados

There can be no reasonable doubt that the 12 month Barbados Welcome Stamp initiative has brought the destination an almost unparalleled level of media and public awareness and kudos to all those involved in its conception and ongoing content enhancement.

Amongst, the latest exposure is the planned Lion Television Scotland 60 minute documentary, which in their words, will ‘follow adventurous British families and individuals as they take an almighty plunge and relocate in the middle of a global pandemic, to work remotely from Barbados’.    Continue reading

US POLITICS: Trump protesters march in Washington — back false election claims – Reuters

Supporters of U.S. President Trump protesting against election results, in Washington (Reuters photo)

Supporters of U.S. President Trump protesting against election results, in Washington (Reuters photo)
A week after his Democratic rival clinched the election, Trump’s lawsuits have made little headway in the courts while Biden has received congratulatory calls from world leaders and forged ahead with work on forming his Cabinet.          Continue reading

US POLITICS: No! – State Legislatures Cannot Overrule the Popular Vote – Opinion

By: Adav Noti | Just Security

One of the very last-ditch efforts Trump proponents have floated since Election Day has been that state legislatures should simply overrule the results of the presidential election in their states.

This proposition is so radically un-American — so contrary to our basic national principles — that in a normal environment, it might simply be laughed off. But 2020 being what it is, the theory has made its way into the pro-Trump social media ecosystem, cloaked in a thin veneer of legalese.

TO BE ABSOLUTELY CLEAR: A state legislature cannot overrule the state’s popular vote for president. This is not a close case.    Continue reading

VIDEO: Racism in America – Part 2 of 2- By Phil Vischer

VIDEO: Race in America – by Phil Vischer

In this second video RACE IN AMERICA Part 2, I will answer some of the queries that came out after the first video Racism In America was published. I will add more detail to support the statements and conclusions that were outlined in that video (SEE LINK BELOW). Here I also suggest how we can all help to improve the race relations within the communities and cities we live in. Continue reading

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