Birthday greetings to Slingshot Drepaul: 2013 – with music videos

Birthday greetings to Slingshot Drepaul – April 26, 2013

By Dmitri Allicock

''Slingshot" Drepaul

”Slingshot” Drepaul

Happy birthday to famous Guyanese Slingshot Drepaul!

“Slingshot” is sobriquet for John DrePaul, an affable and multi-talented Calypsonian, who grew up in Guyana’s rural Corentyne, Berbice, with No. 63 Beach as his backyard. This would later prove to be the ideal landscape and inspiration for most of his poetry, songs, and short stories.

Soca and calypso singer John ‘Slingshot’ Drepaul was born at William Street, Kitty, Georgtown and grew up at No 63 Village, Corentyne. Slingshot lived on his own in a beach house at No. 63 Beach, from age 13, with no assistance from his family. His stepmother, Etwaria Masidas, had put him out of the family home to fend for himself.            

[Read more and view his music videos:  Happy Birthday Slingshot Drepaul- 2013

MUSIC VIDEOS by Slingshot Drepaul:

MASH 2013: Mash is fuh Everybody – “Slingshot” Drepaul – video   < click

” Mash is fuh Everybody” – “Slingshot” Drepaul – Mash 2013 video

MASH 2012 – “Guyana Funtime” – Slingshot Drepaul – Video   < click

MASH 2012 – “Guyana Funtime” – Slingshot Drepaul – Video This is a new video just released by “Slingshot” Drepaul as a Road March song for Mashramani 2012.

Mashramani – Slingshot Drepaul –  5 videos  < click

Five videos by Slingshot Drepaul includes “Guyana Funtime”- his 2012 MASH video.

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  • Deen  On 04/28/2013 at 3:35 am

    Happy Birthday! John, and best wishes for continued success in all your musical and literary projects.
    Interesting story. Good job, Dmitri.

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