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Guyana Elections 2020: Witnesses to violent crimes between 2002-2008 were killed – Granger

 in Demerara Waves – March 1, 2020

Presidential candidate for A Partnership for National Unity+Alliance For Change (APNU+AFC), David Granger says witnesses to major crimes have been extra-judicially killed.

Addressing more than 30,000 supporters at D’urban Park, he suggested that that has made it difficult to solve crimes from 2002 to 2008. “We are trying to get to the bottom of the crime but they kill out all the witnesses. That’s what happened,” Granger told the final 2020 election campaign rally at D’urban Park on Saturday night.

Granger had previously promised to hold commissions of inquiry into the extra-judicial killing of more than 400 mainly Afro-Guyanese, in the Lusignan, Bartica and Lindo Creek massacres. Only the Lindo Creek massacre of eight miners inquiry was conducted but the government is yet to abide by the recommendations.        Continue reading

Guyana Elections 2020: 11 parties to contest elections tomorrow

The stakes are high for Guyana’s 2020 general and regional elections.

The crowd at the APNU+AFC D’Urban Park rally

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The crowd at the PPP/C Lusignan Rally

Eleven political parties head to the polls tomorrow. Two of these are not contesting the presidential elections.

The Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) has already announced that it is ready to produce free, fair and credible elections.      Continue reading

Guyana Elections 2020: Changed political debate — Stabroek News Editorial


Changes in Guyana’s political landscape have not been much in evidence over the decades, and the few which have materialised have been very slow to make their appearance. There was a major shift in 1992, but after that everything settled down to reflect a familiar pattern. The election of 2011, however, was a portent of developments to come, since the AFC secured the largest vote of any third party in the history of this country. Following that, the win of the APNU+AFC coalition in 2015 was not such a great surprise.

The two ethnically-based parties – the PPP/C in particular − have been slow to grasp the full implications of the demographic shift which the rise of the AFC represented, although it might also have reflected a generational shift too, since at least some younger urbanised voters may have broken from the ethno-political straitjacket of their forebears. Now that the AFC has been absorbed by APNU, it is not known how citizens who once voted for them will cast their ballots tomorrow.    Continue reading

Guyana Elections 2020: sets up polling tents -as final preparations underway

At the Mon Repos Market Tarmac, the Guyana Elections Commission has erected this tent to serve as a polling place for a total of 542 electors.

At the Mon Repos Market Tarmac, the Guyana Elections Commission has erected this tent to serve as a polling place for a total of 542 electors.

As part of its decision to refrain from the use of private residences as polling places, the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) yesterday erected several tents on public playfields and tarmacs, such as the Mon Repos Market Tarmac.      Continue reading

Guyana Elections 2020: The Story Within The Story… E-Day and that ‘X — By Leonard Gildarie

Leonard Gildarie

Well, the hour is upon us.

Most persons can pinpoint that one moment when things changed dramatically, for the better or worse, in their lives. Today or tomorrow will not be a day for us to bandy out nice words to a population that needs guidance. There are decisions to be made and level heads must prevail. If we have to be harsh demanding our future, so be it.

Within hours, Guyana is heading to the polls. It will choose a government that will lead us for the next five years. The performance of that government, with the proceeds of the oil money, can very well cement it as a fixture, because it will be an opportunity to shine.

The parties, Guyanese and other stakeholders, understand all too well what is at stake here. A grateful Guyana, starved for performance from an administration that puts country first, will reciprocate.        Continue reading

Guyana Politics 2020: Another election and another tribal division – By Adam Harris

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