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Book: Guyana: Oil Dorado? – Second Edition – Available now on Amazon


Senior Guyanese Friendship Association Newsletter – March 2020

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Medical: How To Beat Coronavirus If You Are Over 60 Like Me … opinion

And Why I Won’t Be Shaking Hands Until The Outbreak Is Over

  Dr Michael Mosley | The Mail on Sunday UK

How worried am I about coronavirus? The truth is, quite a lot. And I have been since reports of the infection began to emerge from China at the end of last year. 

Now, as Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty told MPs last week: ‘IT IS HERE.’ 

As of last night, there were more than 200 British cases. The majority contracted the virus in a hotspot abroad, but a growing number hadn’t had a risky travel history. So, community spread has begun.

This is when people are infected without knowing how they were exposed. It means a shift in tactics.                Continue reading

Coronavirus Effects: Oil Drops 31% in Worst Loss Since Gulf War as Price Fight Erupts

Oil Prices collapse

By Oil NOW

(Bloomberg) Oil markets tumbled the most since the Gulf War in 1991 after the disintegration of the OPEC+ alliance triggered an all-out price-war among the world’s biggest producers.

In one of the most dramatic bouts of selling ever, Brent futures sunk by 31% in a matter of seconds after the open of trading in Asia on Monday after already suffering their biggest loss since the global financial crisis at the end of last week. As Brent collapsed as low as $31 a barrel, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. warned prices could drop into the $20s.   

Hammered by a collapse in demand due to the coronavirus, the oil market sank deeper into chaos on the prospect of a supply free-for-all. Saudi Arabia over the weekend slashed its official prices by the most in at least 20 years and signaled to buyers it would ramp up output — an unambiguous declaration of intent to flood the market with crude. Russia said its companies were free to pump as much as they could.               Continue reading

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