Guyana celebrates 50 golden years with Mashramani Parade 2020

A smashing Mash 2020 – One of the standout costumes at the Mashramani parade on Sunday February 23, 2020. (DPI photo)

(Feb 24, 2020    News)  Despite early morning showers, Guyanese, tourists and bands gyrated through Georgetown to celebrate the nation’s 50th golden anniversary as a republic. This year’s event is being celebrated under the theme ”Reflect, Celebrate, Transform”.

Energetic persons flocked the streets, dancing with the exuberant revelers and colourful, eye-catching floats along the parade route.
The various bands crowded the streets in exotic colours and ‘tramped; down the parade route. They started at the western end of Carifesta Avenue, then to the Kitty Roundabout, along Vlissengen Road and to the D’Urban Park.

The floats included those from the 10 Administrative Regions, the various ministries and private sector entities.

Many painted the colours of the Golden Arrowhead on their faces or did a hairstyle, which included the colours of the national flag.

Vendors were on hand to provide more than an adequate supply of food and drinks. There were also families who lined the roadways with their baskets of home cooked meals.

Some of the revelers who accompanied the floats were decked out in elaborate costumes. They brought their hype and energy, which was even transferred to others who joined in.

With 30 bands participating in the band competition, Kaieteur News spoke to some of the designers and revelers about their expectations for the procession.

Designer for the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) Jermaine Broomes, noted that 50 years as a republican nation speaks volumes.
“Guyana Together – Celebrate, [Reflect], Transform, we are transforming and when you look at our floats, it is depicted there from the coast to the hinterlands. So, you understand our plan is all about celebration after hard work,” Broomes said.

Toshona Griffith, making her debut as one of GWI’s revelers, expects Mash 2020 to be a marvelous experience.

“For our country, on the whole, it means a lot to us because it brings everyone together no matter your race.”

Gordon Allicock, a representative of Region 6 Berbice band, expects to defend the medium band title. Allicock stated, “We have been celebrating, transforming and reflecting for the 50th.”

Tourists who had come out to witness the spectacle decided not to be left out of the excitement this year. Many were seen as part of the bands, adorned in their colours. For some, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The police presence at the Float Parade was substantial, with the officers ensuring that some degree of safety and order was maintained.As the day’s activities came closer to an end, persons hurried to D’Urban Park to reserve their seats and to get a final glimpse of the costume bands.

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