Guyana flag-raising at Irvington City Hall. New Jersey USA

Guyana story by Tangerine

Irvington Mayor Wayne Smith (left) and members of the Guyanese Assn. of New Jersey (from left): Conrad McPherson, Janet Mitchell, Jennifer Innis-Bazilio, Molly Berry, Sandra Taylor Harte, Allison Butters-Grant, president of the East Orange Guyanese Association and Keith Oliver Dow.

Guyana flag-raising at Irvington City Hall New Jersey, USA

By Tangerine Clarke

Guyana’s national flag, the Golden Arrowhead, was hoisted over City Hall in Irvington, NJ USA on Friday, Feb. 22, as Mayor Wayne Smith joined the Guyanese Association of New Jersey in celebrating their country’s 43rd anniversary.      

The three-term mayor who calls himself an “honorary Guyanese,” remembered the historic event that took place on Feb. 23, 1970 and congratulated the nationals who he claims are making a “significant contribution” to the Irvington community, particularly former City Councilwoman and mayoral candidate Sandra Harte, dating back to almost 20 years. Stating that Irvington has a rich influx of Caribbean nationals, particularly from Guyana, Smith praised Ms. Harte for her dedication to her culture and for being instrumental in his election as president of the Municipal Council.  [Read more]

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  • de castro  On 03/01/2013 at 9:17 am

    when politicians start “flag waving” “nationalistic fervour”
    one must remain “sceptically suspicious” !

    This gentleman should be promoting GUYANA as a place to do business…not a place to migrate “from” but “TO”…

    Maybe all dem guyanese (deserters for whatever reason-reasons)
    should be encouraged to return to develop their country
    of birth….economically,socially,culturally et al

    GUYANA s need is greater than USA s.


    • Frank Ferreira  On 03/01/2013 at 11:58 am

      Kamptan – I hear you. However are you one who is ready and willing to go back or just being dramatic with your response as the majority of Guyanese living abroad unfortunately are ?????

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