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The danger in what others wish for in Venezuela – By David Jessop

The View from Europe: The danger in what others wish for in Venezuela

David Jessop

February 16, 2018 – By David Jessop

A few days ago, the International Energy Agency reported that oil production in the US was undergoing extraordinary growth. The OECD-related body for net importers of oil said that the increase meant that US “production could equal global demand growth” largely because of its rapidly expanding shale output. This meant that US production would probably reach 11 million bpd by late 2018, outstripping Saudi Arabia and offsetting OPEC-led supply cuts aimed at increasing energy prices.      Continue reading

Mr Chávez’s victory – commentary

Mr Chávez’s victory

Posted By Stabroek staff On October 12, 2012

So, President Hugo Chávez has been re-elected with a healthy 55 percent of the popular vote, though by a slimmer margin of victory than in the 2006 election – 10 percentage points as opposed to 26. The vanquished Henrique Capriles and his coalition of opposition parties, understandably distraught at the result in light of their pre-election optimism, have accepted the loss although there is considerable grumbling about the huge advantages enjoyed by the incumbent and the high degree of “induced” voting.

Apparently, with some 80 percent of the population voting, the number of people declining to exercise their franchise was smaller than calculated by the opposition’s strategists and than estimated by pollsters who had allowed for a 25 percent abstention. It will be recalled that in the December 2007 referendum, which Mr Chávez lost, there was a 44 percent abstention rate.     Continue reading

Venezuelan election – commentary – October 7, 2012

– Stabroek News – http://www.stabroeknews.com

Venezuelan election

 Stabroek News On October 7, 2012 – Editorial |

By the time today’s edition of Sunday Stabroek lands on the breakfast table, thousands of Venezuelans will be queueing up to cast their votes in what is by far the most important poll in this hemisphere, bar the US election next month.  In fact, news agencies and media houses around the world will be monitoring it closely, since there is no South American leader – not even in behemoth Brazil – who triggers such strong emotions in politicians and ordinary citizens alike as the garrulous and mercurial Mr Hugo Chávez.

In this region particularly, a great deal hangs on the outcome of this poll, and it would send seismic shock waves throughout almost all the Caricom countries if he loses. For Cuba, of course, it would be less a seismic shock wave than a full-blown economic earthquake, but they are not the only ones who would feel the financial tremors. Leaders of other nations too have been the beneficiaries of President Chávez’s liberality, such as President Kirchner of Argentina, President Ortega of Nicaragua, and even the odious Bashar al Assad, to whom the Venezuelan head of state has been sending diesel fuel to keep his killing machines rolling through the towns and cities of Syria.   Continue reading

WikiLeaks Guyana – 20% of fuel smuggled from Venezuela

WikiLeaks Guyana – 20% of fuel smuggled from Venezuela – Border Dispute still alive


A US Embassy confidential report back in 2006 said that the long-simmering Guyana-Venezuela border dispute has slowed the pace of bilateral growth between the two countries.

According to the cable sent by the US Embassy in Georgetown, from then Ambassador Roland Bullen, despite President Hugo Chavez’s high-profile visit to Guyana in February 2004, relations between Guyana and Venezuela remain cordial but not close.

The border issue was also seen by the Americans as continuing to undermine Guyana’s development of its resource-rich Essequibo region, to the detriment of Guyanese and U.S. economic interests.   Continue reading

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