Linden Fund USA: Your membership sustains LFU ; support us today!

Dear members and friends,
We are officially at the start of the LFU 2020 membership drive. With your support, we have accomplished a lot in the past 20 years, but much more remains to be done. The Board of the Linden Fund USA thanks you and appreciates your support. Your contributions to our projects as well as your participation in our events have sustained us.           
If you have not yet renewed your 2020 membership or haven’t had the opportunity to become one of our sustaining members, we urge you to do so with a minimum annual donation of $50.
We’ve made it easy for you to give and help us in 2020, via several options:
  1. Zelle bank-to-bank (no fees to LFU) using the email address:
  1. PayPal (CC or PayPal but small fee to LFU)  
  1. Check – payable to Linden Fund USA– and mailed to PO Box 101028, Brooklyn, NY 11210, along with this completed downloadable membership form. 
  1. Hand deliver the completed downloadable membership form, with payment, to one of our core members.

HERE is the downloadable Membership Form:  

Your contributions and donations are tax-deductible, and a calendar year tax letter is sent to every contributor, no matter the level at which you give.
I invite you to share this email with five friends or family members so we can build our hometown and Region 10 together. Do keep up with our activities and projects on the LFU  Facebook page, and  YouTube Channel.
In gratitude,
Paula Walcott-Quintin
Chair, LFU
Visit and LIKE us at
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