Crime: ‘Prime suspect’ in deadly miner’s attack surrenders

– doctor allegedly treats wounded bandit at Prospect home

In custody  Dr. Alonzo De Santos

Surrendered: Wayne St. Hill

He reportedly did so Thursday evening with his lawyer.

He has been identified as a Kitty man, Wayne St. Hill. He is reportedly linked to a Dowding Street, Kitty, tint-shop.

Police were interested in him as well as a close relative.       

Also in custody is a doctor, Alonzo De Santos, assigned to a state-run hospital on the East Bank Demerara.

Dr. Alonzo De Santos, was picked up earlier this week.

He is suspected of treating a bandit with gunshot wounds at his Prospect, East Bank Demerara home and failing to inform the police.

Investigators are reportedly looking at whether there were other instances of the doctor illegally rendering medical services to criminals without reporting to the police.

The seized car with a suspected bullet hole

Investigators were said to be interested in the fact that the bandits seemed comfortable with the doctor and apparently made a beeline straight to his Prospect.

For investigators, it clearly indicates familiarity and an acknowledgment of something illegal.
At his home yesterday, an elderly man said that the doctor was not in. He was not certain when the doctor will be back.
Dr. De Santos is said to be an army reservist.
The police have also taken into custody the getaway driver. He reportedly dumped the car on Wednesday evening at Peter’s Hall, East Bank Demerara and fled to a nearby entertainment spot where he was tracked and arrested.
There was a bullet hole in the back windscreen of the Toyota 212.

The case has deeply stirred Guyana, not only because of the brazen daylight attack, but also for that fact that one of the country’s prominent businessmen, was killed.

Died: Deon ‘Mow’ Stoll

On Monday, shortly after 10am, gold miner, Deon ‘Mow’ Stoll, who owns hotels and other operations across the country and hires scores of employees, made his way to a Da Silva Street, Newtown branch of El Dorado Trading, which is one of the country’s biggest gold dealers.

With him was bodyguard/driver, Clayton Powley.
Security footage showed a car, almost bumper-to-bumper, behind Stoll’s vehicle.

As soon as the businessman’s car turned into the parking area of the gold dealer, the car behind stopped and two men jumped out. They were masked.
One man ran to the driver side and wrenched open the door of Stoll’s car while the other raced to the passenger side and attempted to enter.

However, it appeared that Stoll on seeing the masked man, drew his handgun and there began a shootout.

Hit by a bullet to the abdomen, Stoll emerged from the car and fired off several shots at the bandit who confronted him.

From the videos, the gunman was hit twice and he stumbled and back-peddled, before abandoning what seemed to be a robbery attempt gone bad.

On the driver’s side, Powley, wrestled with the masked man who confronted him. That attacker, too, abandoned the effort.

Powley was shot too.

Also shot by mistake, by the wounded businessman was Rory Deegs, a security guard at El Dorado, who opened the gate.

It is believed that Stoll, hazy with the pain from his gunshot, shot at the guard through the windscreen of his car.
Three young men in the neighbourhood who raced to the scene to investigate, were seen fleeing after Stoll, apparently in pain, shot at them.

It is believed that the bandits were after the raw gold that Stoll had in his possession and it appears that they were tracking him for some time.

The three injured men were taken to the hospital where Stoll passed away.

Hours after the shooting, residents discovered the body of Olijah Chesney, 18, in Tucville, located a few miles from Newtown.

He was shot to his chest. While initially suspected to be the shot bandit, the police said they have ruled out his involvement with that attempted robbery.

A post mortem conducted by Dr. Nehaul Singh on Thursday, concluded that Chesney was shot once in the back. The bullet exited above the left breast.

Stoll is a prominent business in the city who has business interests at Charity, in Region Two and one of the biggest hotels in Region One.
He employs dozens of workers in his gold mining and other operations.

Stoll was described as a prominent businessman whose death has created ripple effects in the gold sector.
The Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners Association has called on members to step up security in a week and a half where more than a dozen persons lost their lives from piracy, accidents and robbery/murder.

According to well-place sources, the plan to rob Deon ‘Mow’ Stoll, 44, was in the making for some time now.
Police sources said that they are confident that the puzzle of putting the pieces together has almost been complete.

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  • BridgIt A Sam-Bialey  On 10/19/2019 at 3:33 am

    A doctor involved in a criminal activity. All that money spent on his education, and he couldn’t do better. Now he’ll have his own surgery and patients. What was the point of his parents invest in him?

  • kamtanblog  On 10/19/2019 at 5:21 am

    Diminished responsibility
    Aggravated murder
    Or Self defence ??

    Plea bargaining by lawyers ??

    More questions than answers.
    Probably safer behind bars !

    Hope those politically responsible/implicated are also charged tried and if convicted
    go to jail
    Move directly to jail
    Do not pass go
    Do not receive £200
    And no get out of jail “free”



  • guyaneseonline  On 10/23/2019 at 4:53 pm

    Wounded robber Shane Morgan arrested
    Stabroek News 23 October 2019

    Days after the police issued a wanted bulletin for Shane ‘Demon’ Morgan, the suspected mastermind of last week’s attempted robbery outside of El Dorado Trading that left gold miner Deon Stoll dead, he was arrested at a roadblock along the East Coast of Demerara (ECD).

    Police spokesman Jairam Ramlakhan confirmed that Morgan was arrested around 5.45 am yesterday at a roadblock at Cove and John, ECD.

    Sources told Stabroek News that at the time of his arrest, Morgan had a suspected gunshot wound to his chest just under his collar bone.

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