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There is nothing better than a Guyanese Christmas – Adam Harris

There is nothing better than a Guyanese Christmas

Dec 24, 2017  Features / ColumnistsAdam Harris

Another Christmas and another round of enjoyment to the extreme. That is what Christmas does. There was a time when I was totally wrapped up in the season. As a boy, Christmas meant varnish, polish, new blinds that smelled, food galore, and a huge array of homemade beverages.
There was the sound of hammering and furniture dragging, because in some cases the objects were too heavy to lift. Of course the smells from the kitchen were what really made the difference.   Continue reading

WE DID NOT WANT TO KNOW – by Dave Martins + music videos

Dave Martins

WE DID NOT WANT TO KNOW – by Dave Martins

October 29, 2017

In an earlier comment about song-writing I made the point that while talent has to be there, the more critical quality is observation because that is almost always the ingredient that sets a song apart; the writer has turned a light on something in the society, or in an individual, that would have otherwise escaped the rest of us in the populace.

In fact, to look at the popular columnists or commentators in our local press – Freddie Kissoon, Ralph Ramkarran, Henry Jeffrey, Adam Harris, Christopher Ram, Ian McDonald, etc. – is to see this taking place as each writer brings us to something, or an aspect of something, that is new or revealing or thought-provoking.      Continue reading

Guyana: US Ambassador chides Gov’t for Media Censorship

Media houses radio licences…Unthinkable applications ignored for decades – US Ambassador

MAY 4, 2014 | BY  By Latoya Giles 
US Ambassador D. Brent Hardt

US Ambassador D. Brent Hardt

United States Ambassador, D. Brent Hardt has chided the Government of Guyana over what he calls the “censorship of the media”. The ambassador at a reception on Friday evening to celebrate World Press Freedom Day criticized how Government has failed to properly address several pressing media problems.

“Two years later it’s certainly disappointing that radio in Guyana still falls short of offering an open public square for debate and discussion” Hardt told invitees.According to Ambassador Hardt, back in 2012 he had expressed his surprise at knowing that Guyana alone had complete state monopoly of the radio. He said that in other countries with their ubiquitous “call in shows” was a vital public forum, but in Guyana there is no such counterpart.  Continue reading

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