OPINION: Rivalry in the Guyana Suriname Basin (GSB)- the Holy Grail of oil and gas

Written by Anthony T. Bryan – https://www.wiredja.com/.
Rivalry in the Guyana Suriname Basin (GSB), the Holy Grail of oil and gas.

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From Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) it is about one hour flying time south to Georgetown the capital of the Republic of Guyana and another hour flying south to Paramaribo the capital of Suriname.
These two new emerging oil-rich deep-water provinces now have joined Trinidad and Venezuela which have been oil producers and exporters for 118 years.

The Guyana Suriname Basin (GSB) is the Holy Grail of new oil province discoveries.         

Oil energy experts predict that during 2021 there will be a major increase in offshore drilling activity in the Southern Caribbean and northern South America led by Guyana, because of recent global increases in the price of crude, and because the oil and gas companies are searching for discoveries that can be quickly monetized for higher and faster returns.


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