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COMEDY: Geography you can use – with Mr. Wood Jr. – Video

Guyana: Moray House Trust: World Poetry Day – Sunday 21st March 2021 – Virtual Event

Chapter 6 – Canada: Immigrants in Toronto – FRIENDS – By Geoff Burrowes 

– FRIENDS – By Geoff Burrowes 

If I found myself on a desert island alone I would be extremely unhappy! I would keenly miss my family and friends.

One of the problems on arriving in a new country is that unless you have family and friends there already it will be very lonely. Fortunately we came to Canada after a lot of other Guyanese. My aunt Doreen and my cousin Mike were there to greet us, put us up and help us get started with the changes in culture and practices. Norma’s Mum and Dad had recently emigrated and were settling in. All of Norma’s Ramphal cousins had settled in Canada some years before as had other friends from Guyana.            Continue reading

U.S.A. POLITICS: Unchecked Senate filibuster equals doom for electoral reform – opinion


The 14th Amendment to the Constitution guarantees universal adult suffrage but it also allows disenfranchisement for committing a crime. Southern states seized on that loophole post-Reconstruction to round up African Americans, charge them with bogus crimes, inflict punishment by public whipping and take away their votes, as Pema Levy noted in Mother Jones.

“Freed from federal oversight after Reconstruction, most Southern states by the 1900s had rewritten their constitutions to deny Black people the vote through nominally race-blind provisions, including expanded criminal disenfranchisement,” Levy reported. “These measures, alongside poll taxes, literacy tests, grandfather clauses, fraud, registration restrictions, and vigilante violence, were part of the toolkit used by white supremacists to maintain a system of racial subordination.”     Continue reading

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