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OIL: Despite higher Govt. take; stricter policies; oil companies still flock to Suriname

Map showing location of Suriname’s Block 58 and Guyana’s Stabroek Block

Guyana was not the only South American country that struck black gold offshore last year. In fact, our neighbour to the east, Suriname, had announced three consecutive oil finds in its Block 58 in early 2020.

Following this discovery, international oil companies immediately began to flock Suriname, says the former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Suriname’s Staatsolie, Rudolf Elias. What Elias thought pertinent to highlight in a Kaieteur Radio interview, is that although the Suriname government has a higher take from its oil resources, and despite the fact that it imposes stricter policies, oil companies are running to set up shop in Suriname waters.      Continue reading

GUYANA: CAPITOL NEWS Videos – 12 March 2021

Two families are struggling to come to grips with the shooting death of ten year old boy.  
Minister of Social Services and Opposition Leader offered support to parents of 10-year-old.
Former lands and Surveys Commissioner, Trevor Benn released on $200,000 bail.
President Ali and Vice President Bharrat Jagdeo today took their COVID-19 vaccines.
The AstraZeneca vaccine for Covid-19 is safe says the WHO.

OPINION: Healing Guyana’s Socio-Political and Economic Ills – Part 2 of 2

 Written by Wilberne Persaudwiredja.com

 MIAMI,  Florida, March 10, 2021 – Guyana’s 78.3 thousand population occupies a land mass of 83,000 sq ml, compared to Singapore’s 279.6 sq ml with 5.7 million population and England’s 50,301 sq ml with population 56.3 million.

Respectively, 2019 GDP numbers in current US dollars are: $5.1 billion; $372 billion and $2.8 trillion.* Consider the charts below. Singapore almost disappears in the size category. Guyana actually does in GDP (income) category — too small for scale!        Continue reading

GUYANA: The political culling of the Public Service

By – March 16, 2021

Every time that there is a changing of the political guard in Guyana there occurs some element of  change in the lineup of public officers. It is a dislocating process that sometimes cuts a swathe across a wide section of state-controlled agencies, generating equal measures of anger and anxiety

. The practice, all too frequently, is decorated by some of the most brainless and absurd justifications for what is, in effect, the political gouging/’cleansing’ of state agencies. Its motive? To address the comfort level concerns of the new   political directorate. There continues to be a generous measure of evidence of that political culling this time around.      Continue reading

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