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EU countries pause AstraZeneca’s covid-19 jab over safety fears – The Economist

 Mar 15th 2021 – The Economist

 IN EUROPE, vaccination against covid-19 is off to a worryingly slow start. Just 11 doses for every 100 people have been administered in the European Union, against 32 in America and 38 in Britain. Europeans are cross with their governments and with the European Commission, which botched the ordering of vaccines for the EU last year. Worse, another wave of infections seems to be building in several countries.

But in recent days worries about speed have been joined by concerns about safety. On March 15th France, Germany and Italy became the latest in a growing list of European countries, now more than a dozen, to announce that they were temporarily halting the use of a covid-19 vaccine made by AstraZeneca, a British-Swedish pharmaceutical firm.    Continue reading

GUYANA: Planned Mahaica luxury development delayed by COVID

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The COVID-19 pandemic has delayed the construction of the Maraiko Bay luxury housing development project, according to principals of Construction and Investment Management Group (CIMGRO) Ragindra Persaud and Sudama Ramalingum.

Speaking to Stabroek News, both Persaud and Ramalingum explained that with some overseas borders being closed and travel bans in place, the engineering, architectural and other technical teams have been unable to be on site.  This, they pointed out, has contributed to the slowing down of works at the site.      Continue reading

OPINION: Healing Guyana’s Socio-Political and Economic Ills – Part1 of 2

Written by Wilberne Persaud, Economist – wiredja.com
MIAMI,  Florida.  Consider 1: “It should be borne in mind that there is nothing more difficult to arrange, more doubtful of success, and more dangerous to carry through than initiating changes in a state’s constitution. The innovator makes enemies of all those who prospered under the old order …” Machiavelli: “The Prince”. Manuscript: 1510, published 1532.
Consider 2: “Society, unlike biochemical processes, does not escape human influences. Man is what brings society into being.” Frantz Fanon: “Peau noire, masques blancs” or “Black skin, white masks”. Published 1952.            Continue reading
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