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VIDEO: Positive Journalism should be the focus – by Charles Groenhuijen

In most news reporting – “Good News is No News” – It does not sell.

That is the message most journalists want to give us. However, seasoned journalists uncover what most news media ignore.

Charles Groenhuijen, journalist and author for forty years, gives his perspective on what news should be like — Our role should be to “AMPLIFY THE GOOD IN THE WORLD”

TRAVEL: Vaccine passports may hold the key to tourism’s safe return – David Jessop

From Russia to Singapore, nations around the world are considering providing citizens who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 with digital immunity certificates for domestic and international use. Their principal objective is to stimulate national economic recovery and a gradual return to normality.

Such ‘vaccine passports’ may, however, come to play an important role in the restoration of international tourism as more people in wealthier nations are immunised against COVID-19.          Continue reading

Jamaica Narcotics Police intercepts big cocaine shipment from Guyana


Law enforcement authorities in Jamaica announced today that they have unearthed over a hundred packages with more than 300 pounds of cocaine in containers from Guyana at the Kingston Freeport Terminal Limited (KFTL).

According to the Jamaica Observer newspaper, the drug was found in two of six containers that arrived on the island from Guyana en route to Haiti and China.      Continue reading
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