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ExxonMobil slashes global spending, production to focus on Guyana’s Stabroek Block

Kaieteur News – ExxonMobil has slashed its global oil and gas production from its operations globally to 3.7 million barrels per day in stark contrast to its push to ramp up production in Guyana.
This would lead to Guyana accounting for a quarter of ExxonMobil’s total daily global production, which is being ramped up in the Stabroek Block, projected at 750,000 barrels per day in five years time.

ExxonMobil CEO, Darren Woods

These disclosures were had during its Investor Day Conference on Wednesday last, when Chief Executive Officer, Darren Woods, announced too that ExxonMobil has taken a decision to further slash its capital expenditure globally—a stark contrast to its increased expenditure in the Guyana Stabroek Block.      Continue reading

GUYANA: One year since COVID-19 struck – By Francis Quamina Farrier

Covid-19 has triggered USA’s first female recession in 50 years – The Economist

Recent studies find that women dropped out of the labour market to school their children

Graphic detail – The Economist – Mar 8th 2021

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Female Musical Trailblazers revisited: The first “All Girls Steel Band” in Guyana – By Lear Matthews

Celebrating Women’s History Month in MARCH

It was the early 1950’s. The nation of Guyana (then British Guiana) like some other Caribbean countries was in the initial stages of the struggle to shed the yoke of colonialism optimized by the first national, multiethnic political party. The dawning of Massa Day Done!

As with the political scene back then, “beating pan” was a male-dominated activity. However, despite the normative cultural credence and challenges faced by women, pioneering genius and history-making were afoot.            Continue reading

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