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OIL: Local sensitization vital to Guyana’s gas-to-shore project – Energy Strategist

. Mar 10, 2021  Kaieteur News –

One key factor to ensuring that Guyana’s gas-to-shore project is executed without a hitch is to ensure that the local populace is fully aware of the impacts that it is likely to have on the environmental and country at large.

That piece of advice to Guyana is coming from the Vice President (VP) and Energy Strategist of US Energy Company Eversource Energy, Roger Kranenburg. He was at the time appearing on an online discussion hosted by OilNOW whereby he was examining the environmental impacts of the project on February 28.      Continue reading

TRIBUTE TO ROBERT JOHN (BOBBY) FERNANDES (1947-2021) – By Major General Joseph G Singh



Monday, March 1st, 2021 – By Major General Joseph G Singh

Monsignor Terrence Montrose, CCH, Mrs Luana Fernandes, beloved wife of Bobby, and children Christina, Robert, Dominic, Damian, Shad, Nicolette and Chantelle, Chairman Chris the Elder, other siblings, in-laws and grandchildren of Bobby and Luana, extended family members, friends of the Fernandes family here and those overseas, good morning.

I extend on behalf of myself and my family and all those from the hinterland, the rural areas of Guyana and those from overseas – scientists and explorers, who knew and interacted with Bobby, sincere condolences to your family on his transitioning and pray that you be comforted in his physical absence by the happy and treasured memories of the love and the personal and private experiences you shared with him.      Continue reading

Guyana: Covid vaccine not mandatory, but people encouraged to get immunised

– health workers, others can choose to take the jab – – Health Minister Anthony

Minister of Health, Hon. Dr. Frank Anthony says no one will lose their job if they decline a COVID-19 vaccine, neither will persons be pressured to take the jab.

The Minister made this clear during Tuesday’s COVID-19 update.

Although he hopes everyone would get immunised, Minister Anthony said no frontline worker needed to be fearful. Continue reading

BOOK: Fields on Fire: A West Indian story – by Lloyd Beharry

BOOK: Fields on Fire: A West Indian story – by Lloyd Beharry

FIELDS ON FIRE is set against the brutal and inhuman conditions of the sugar cane Plantations of the British West Indies in the 19th Century, where Africans, Indians and a sprinkling of Irish, Portuguese and Chinese, were brought to labour, often against their will.

It is a story of how two of them found happiness against all odds. John, an African, chastised, brutalised, and disabled by a field accident, falls in love with a horse, and Valmiki, a low-caste Indian who, through deceit, becomes a leader of men and marries the beautiful Brahmin, Shanta.    Continue reading

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