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Guyana News Headlines Links – Kaieteur News Headlines – July 24-25. 2018

Headline News – 25 July 2018

Turkeyen home invasion turns deadly as…Five bandits killed in shootout with police

Judiciary does not exist to do the bidding of any arm of the Executive – Bar Council

Discovery of employee’s skeletal remains… Mining camp owner remanded on murder charge

Dead bandits had criminal records, were going after safe – Top Cop

Transferred inspector denies police’s version of checkpoint stop

Bad things does happen when people thing full you eye

GRA to “dispose of” over 220 cases of high-end liquor, 10 ATVs and several engines

Lands and Surveys Head urges speedier implementation of critical FAO project

GPL warns against unauthorised acts during construction    

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Turkeyen home invasion turns deadly as … Five bandits killed in shootout with police

Turkeyen home invasion …Five bandits killed in shootout with police

The communities of Turkeyen and Pattensen, Greater Georgetown, were startled by rapid gunfire around 03:15 hrs yesterday. The gunshots lasted almost 40 minutes. When the shooting subsided, five known criminals were dead.

Their attempts to access a safe in a house in a heavily secured and gated community, was foiled by ranks of the Guyana Police Force.

Dead are 38-year-old Timothy St. Hill of Diamond Housing Scheme; Levy Braithwaite, 31, of North Ruimveldt; Jermaine Doobay; Ian Forde and 40 year old Adrian Daly of Westminster, West Bank Demerara.                               Continue reading

Coke or Pepsi? History of a Global Sugar Addiction

The Most Revolutionary Act

The Cola Wars Documentary

History Channel 1990

Film Review

Coca Cola was first produced in 1886, when cocaine, morphine and alcohol were common patent medicine ingredients. The immediate predecessor to Coke was a concoction produced by Atlanta pharmacist John Pemberton called French Wine Cola, containing cocaine, alcohol and caffeine. When Atlanta outlawed alcohol sales In 1885, Pemberton left the patent medicine business to produce his renamed Coca Cola for the increasingly popular soda fountain trade. His first version combined cocaine with kola nut extract (a stimulant).

Pemberton, a cocaine addict, sold the company to another pharmacist Asa Kandler shortly before his death in 1889. Kandler added more sugar to disguise the medicinal taste and citric acid to disguise the excessive sweetness. In 1916, he began bottling it as well as dispensing syrup to soda foundations.

Pepsi Cola, Coke’s arch rival, was also invented by a pharmacist in Newburn, North Carolina…

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Do Guyanese have a mentality like Clifford Krauss? – Freddie Kissoon 

Do Guyanese have a mentality like Clifford Krauss?

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