Guyana News Headlines Links – Kaieteur News Headlines – July 24-25. 2018

Headline News – 25 July 2018

Turkeyen home invasion turns deadly as…Five bandits killed in shootout with police

Judiciary does not exist to do the bidding of any arm of the Executive – Bar Council

Discovery of employee’s skeletal remains… Mining camp owner remanded on murder charge

Dead bandits had criminal records, were going after safe – Top Cop

Transferred inspector denies police’s version of checkpoint stop

Bad things does happen when people thing full you eye

GRA to “dispose of” over 220 cases of high-end liquor, 10 ATVs and several engines

Lands and Surveys Head urges speedier implementation of critical FAO project

GPL warns against unauthorised acts during construction    

Gold Board puts huge dent in debt owed to Consolidated Fund …GM says it only has $3B left to clear

Four years jail, $6M fines for cocaine trafficking duo – Court seizes vehicle used to transport drugs

Consultant being recruited to craft school safety policies – Senior Education Officer

Charges dismissed against husband who allegedly torched family’s lumber yard -wife declines to give evidence

UncappeD and the ‘spice girl’

Teen jailed for severing elderly man’s hand

Another New Amsterdam prison haul

New Amsterdam man with illegal gun, ammo jailed for six years

Man washed away in Atlantic following crab hunt with wife

Treat suicide as the mental illness it is – TCV Director


Headline News – 24 July 2018

Guyana’s proven oil reserves exceed 4B barrels –  ExxonMobil

Privatisation of sugar estates hit critical phase… Enmore estate offering 6,900 hectares, packaging house, factory

First oil around the corner but we see minimal economic benefit for Guyanese – Ramson tells local content forum

One charged in Patentia robbery …police track cellphone to suspect

Foreign nationals arrested with large sums at Jamaica airport

Another woman sues GPHC

Study to determine mortality rate of dialysis patients – Transplant Surgeon

Jimmy Carter-driven political talks… Nagamootoo was sidelined because he is ‘lightweight’ – PPP

Transferred inspector… Force says policeman was rude to occupants of stopped minibus

Stabroek Market jewellery heist….Trio further remanded, magistrate cites flight risk

“It would hurt me to hurt a woman”- says Patricia Sanasie murder accused

The Hand-in-Hand assists Venezuelans

The Caribbean Voice announces new date for raffle draw


260 Venezelans camping out in Region 1

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