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A Nation Unmade by War by Tom Engelhardt – From the Rosaliene Bacchus Blog

Three Worlds One Vision

United States Counterterror War Locations 2015-2017

United States Counterterror War Locations 2015-2017
Photo Credit: TomDispatch

Embarrassing spectacle. Treasonous. National security crisis. These are some of the reactions to the Helsinki Summit between Presidents Trump and Putin on July 16, 2018. Some among us believe that Trump is responsible for all that’s wrong with America. Not so, Tom Engelhardt reminds us in his latest book, A Nation Unmade by War (Haymarket Books, May 2018).

In A Nation Unmade by War, Engelhardt focuses on “a nation increasingly unsettled and transformed by spreading wars to which most of its citizens were, at best, only half paying attention.” He views Trump’s election as “part of the costs of those wars come home” and envisages that America’s 45th president “might preside over the most precipitous decline of a truly dominant power in history, one only recently considered at the height of its glory.”

When the Soviet Union imploded in 1991…

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The $20 Billion Question for Guyana – By Clifford Krauss – New York Times

The $20 Billion Question for Guyana

This largely underdeveloped country on South America’s northern Atlantic coast is the unlikely setting for the world’s next big oil boom. But is it ready to handle the riches? ….READ MORE


New York Times report on Guyana leaves a bad taste in the mouth – By Mohamed Hamaludin

New York Times report on Guyana leaves a bad taste in the mouth


Down the years, some foreign journalists have written about Guyana in the most cavalier fashion, sometimes departing from the truth in startling manner. A few decades ago, there was a report making the rounds of one of them who actually wrote about the country without leaving Timehri – now Cheddi B. Jagan — International Airport, describing it as a place overrun with mud.

Clifford Krauss has lived up to that tradition with his lengthy July 20 New York Times report which I read online. Krauss, the bureau chief in Buenos Aires and Toronto of one of the world’s best newspapers, was writing about the discovery of oil in Guyana and cautioning about the potential blessings and curse of the oil industry. It is obvious in the story, headlined, “The $20 billion question for Guyana after oil find,” that he is knowledgeable of the industry. That is not surprising because he is also, according to a note at the end of the story, “a national energy business correspondent based in Houston.”But when it comes to Guyana, it is a different story. The opening two paragraphs are not only inaccurate but also downright offensive:         Continue reading

Financial Problems Facing Many Today – TED talk by Elizabeth White

An honest look at the personal finance crisis

In this surprising talk, Elizabeth White opens up about a problem few people are willing to talk about: personal finances.

Millions of baby boomers like her are moving into their senior years with empty pockets, and right behind them is a younger generation facing the same challenges. Join this honest conversation about financial trouble: how to face it, and how to survive it.

BOOK: Defeating Domestic Violence in the Americas: Men’s Work – By Luke Daniels

Defeating Domestic Violence In The Americas: Men’s Work

– By Luke Daniels

Domestic violence has been with us a very long time – it has a beginning and it must have an ending. The pace of change has been slow because men have failed to take responsibility for ending the violence. This book challenges men to take that responsibility seriously, especially the men in government throughout the region.

The focus is the Americas since the problem of violence is most urgent there, where 42 of the world’s 50 most violent cities are located. The possibilities for progressive governments in the region to take up the proposed solutions are realistic and imperative.

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