Guyana: Calvin Ming talks about his Motor Racing achievements and future

Calvin Ming talks about his Motor Racing achievements and future

 American based International Motor Racer, Guyanese Calvin Ming is on the fast

Calvin Ming and his Mygale F4

track to success and in October finished first and third in the FIA NACAM Formula 4 support races at the Mexican Formula 1 Grand Prix in Mexico City.

The 20-year-old Calvin, who fell in love with Motor Sports by watching his father Stanley Ming race superbikes. The young Ming got involved in Go-kart racing when he was about six-years with friends and later became one the “kings of the track” at the circuit.   

The Florida International University student graduated from Skip Barber Racing School in 2015 and his major sponsor has been his father, the CEO of Ming’s Products and Services in Guyana.

Stanley Ming, Calvin’s Manager, disclosed that the cost to run a car is $120 Million adding that he has approached various entities for sponsorship support but was not sure what will happen.

“That is a lot of money and while some governments help with the cost for their drivers our Government seems not to focus on sports and have lost many opportunities to capitalize on Guyana’s Sporting successes with people like Lloyd, Lance Gibbs, Eddy Grant and others who are world renowned. Look at Jamaica… they market their tourism product by using the names of Bob Marley, Usain Bolt and others. People will come to see how a small Country can produce such great performers and put their country on the map,” Stanley Ming said.

Ming said the Mexican Ambassador called a short while after Calvin won in Mexico and said everyone now knows where Guyana is after the Guyana Anthem was played.

Stanley Ming (left), his son Calvin and Kit Nascimento at yesterday’s press conference.

Calvin says his goal is to go as far as possible in his Motor Racing career and race in the higher Formula like USF200 and Formula Atlantic.

“Only about six of the Formula 1 drivers get paid, the others depend on the sponsorship and prize Money. For young drivers to be successful they have to be talented, fast and committed,” Calvin stressed.

Calvin is a two year engineering student and says the transition from racing in the Caribbean where there is about four events per year to a professional system in the US and Mexico where you have to race almost every weekend and fly back in time for classes on Monday, could be at times challenging.

“The difference in racing here and overseas is the preparation. Over there you are in a car almost all year doing laps, doing a lot of data work, doing simulation drives to get to know the various tracks and doing Gym work are all part of my hectic schedule plus studies,” the fast rising star says.

Calvin holds a degree in engineering and disclosed that many believe you have to be a daredevil to be a motor racer but explained that racing is a calculated Sport.
“I am studying engineering as a second option so I will have a back-up plan in the event that something goes wrong on the track,” Calvin disclosed.

Stanley Ming revealed that E-Networks has put in a substantive sum to develop the GMRC ground on Albert Street into a modern Go-Kart track where you don’t have own a Go-Kart to drive. He informed that you can rent one and learn to drive.

Calvin described 2016 as a good year for him in which he learned a lot about motor racing. “The win in Mexico was fantastic, while I won five other races and I am confident heading into 2017.”

Meanwhile, Calvin has joined the Alicia Foundation (Mothers in Black) which was set up in 1996 by Denise Dias after her 17-year-old daughter was killed by an alleged drunk driver.

Stanley Ming says that Calvin, who drives at 150 miles per hour as a Motor racer, is a good person, because of his popularity and the fact that he does not drink alcohol or smoke, to spread the message to especially the young drivers not to drink and drive and to use the road in careful and considerate manner. British World Champion Lewis Hamilton was recently named as Road Safety Ambassador. (Sean Devers)

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