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Canada At Risk of Sinking in Trump’s Political Tsunami

Friday, November 25, 2016 – By Antonia Zerbisias – Common Dreams

Canada At Risk of Sinking in Trump’s Political Tsunami

When economic waves come out of Washington, they rock Canada. Now, with the Donald Trump tsunami heading towards the White House, Canadians fear their already floundering economy could be sunk.

Pundits and politicians are already predicting the death of trade agreements between the two neighbours which, until recently, when China edged out Canada, ranked as each other’s top trading partners.
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Prince Harry in Guyana – December 2016

Prince Harry in Guyana …. [from the St. Stanislaus College Blog]

 Prince Harry

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Book: East River – by Derrick John Jeffrey

Book: East River – by Derrick John Jeffrey (Author) -Paperback – September 16, 2016 – Amazon.com

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A page turning novel about murder, corruption and money laundering within the walls of the UN and one of its peacekeeping operations.

New York City 1968

A woman enters the headquarters of the UN one morning. She walks up to the UN’s director of public information, pulls out a gun and calmly blows him away. She jumps through the now shattered seventh floor window into New York’s East River and disappears beneath the surface of the murky water.    The only witness is a Cuban-American freelance journalist who is told that what he saw never occurred, but instead the senior official had committed suicide.    Continue reading

Guyana Government in Action – Department of Citizenship – video

logo -Min of PresidencyGuyana Government in Action – Department of Citizenship – December 1, 2016

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