Guyana: Capitol TV News videos – 05 December 2014

Guyana: Capitol TV News videos – 05 December 2014

  • Granger responds to PSC proposal to end Parliamentary impasse
  • Sanction Anil – Women and Gender Equality Commission
  • Man faces Police action over use of toilet at AG Chambers
  • Amerindian teacher assaulted by Presidential Guards denies being drunk
  • Sports

Click links below to view TV News reports:-

Granger responds to PSC proposal to end Parliamentary impasse

Posted: 05 Dec 2014 01:09 PM PST

Sanction Anil – Women and Gender Equality Commission

Posted: 05 Dec 2014 01:08 PM PST

Man faces Police action over use of toilet at AG Chambers

Posted: 05 Dec 2014 01:06 PM PST

Amerindian teacher assaulted by Presidential Guards denies being drunk

Posted: 05 Dec 2014 01:03 PM PST


Posted: 05 Dec 2014 01:00 PM PST


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  • Lord Norman  On 12/13/2014 at 11:30 am


    They come from everywhere like all of us
    To good old Canada for betterment
    We abandon back home with all its fuss
    Took up life here with merriment.

    Some fell along the wayside
    Wearing masks as in Halloween
    Trying to shut out and hide
    And scorn where they have been

    Clasping a North American way of life
    Trying to live up with the Joneses
    Slaving for the mortgage with the wife
    To fulfill their economic promises

    Working so much overtime
    To make flailed ends meet
    Battling the snow and clime
    Too late to think to retreat

    And in these fearful financial flaws
    A lot of values got lost
    Scraping with tentacles and claws
    At a tremendous cost

    The children are handed over to babysitters
    Who use the television as their first resort
    Over eight hours they see not their mothers
    Always too tired for a word of comfort.

    They may give shelter and food
    Some one should tell them about love
    For many are arrogant and rude
    Swearing to them and to the one above

    Getting angry or vex for small things
    Like leaving some little hairs on a comb
    Or forgetting to clean the bathtub’s rings
    Having hot meals when they come home

    These grown-ups pretend to be always nice
    Especially to their relatives and friends
    Denying their parents a little dholl and rice
    Warring and complaining without amends

    Thus friendship and families fall apart
    Because of sore green jealousy
    Developing a very hard stoned heart
    Coupled with darn sheer stupidity

    Cousins who once grew up together
    Pulling down one another like crabs in a barrel
    Giving each other the cold shoulder
    Always suffocating other’s throat in a quarrel

    Some wives behave like stinging marabunta
    And think their husbands fall from trees
    And believe me! husbands behave vice-versa
    Whilst they all love to shoot the breeze.

    We worry about rings around the collars
    And what other people are thinking
    Yet we do worship the almighty dollars
    And fall for this stinking living

    We are too afraid to get too involved
    To smell the roses and listen to the birds
    Thus there always things left unsolved
    By many always using useless words

    If we have a clear conscience
    It will never ever let us forget
    With our guilt and tension
    With sleepless nights you bet.

    We have to treat our folks
    With respect and sheer dignity
    And not like bums or blokes
    But with love1 truth and honesty

    They are the people who did gave us life
    What we are, should be nothing shameful
    Why torment them with turmoil and strife
    Living a big lie and being so ungrateful

    What happened to us Man! at this age?
    Have we lost our heritage and cultures?
    Handing over ourselves to our mortgage
    And behaving like a flock of vultures?

    We have to resort back to the basics
    Lived like we used to, show a different front
    Shun this North American life of tricks
    Stop living like slaves from month to month

    Only then, and then we’d be able
    To recapture our lost values
    And show that we are capable
    And that’s the only way to choose

    What happened to the love of old
    Of long ago when we were one
    When love was warm and not cold
    Tell me, bro!!Where has it gone?

    What happened to the good old days of yore?
    When our love was not for show
    And we listened to ours attentively for sure
    Always reaping the love we sow

    When we used to stick to our kith and kin
    When brotherhood and sisterhood came first
    When we stood together through thick and thin
    Ready to defend ours when things got worst

    Remember when we leave this earth
    We take nothing in our coffin
    We return as from the day of our birth
    Without any clothing or a farthing

    For a day will come as sure as the sun rises
    You’re cocksure now, but it would be too late
    So don’ t pretend as if there are surprises
    There’s none when you’re in your wooden crate.

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