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The subconscious mind

Urban issues ancient wisdom

What’s in that mysterious abyss housed in your mind? Have you any idea that there even exists such place? It’s not so much your fault, society just doesn’t place emphasis on the subconscious mind. Lest we not forget however,  this was purposely done. You may be wondering why. Well, much of our reality is created to engulf the subconscious for the preservation of this third dimensional matrix. The subconscious mind is easily programmable because many of us never use it. Just take a look at our everyday lives. Many of us have televisions which is no accident they call shows ‘programs,’ during the course of watching tv your brain is going to be slammed with all type of suggestible material. Society is essentially programming human beings into being robots. They tell us what to eat, what to wear, how to look, etc. They utilize colors, symbols, and numbers to say…

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