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China’s Silk Road: Can China bring peace to Afghanistan? – viewpoint

China’s Silk Road: Can China bring peace to Afghanistan? – viewpoint

A soldier stands guard near a C17 military aircraft sitting on the tarmac, on 8 December 2013 in Kandahar.
Most Nato forces will withdraw from Afghanistan in December, leaving 9,800 US troops behind

China is emerging from the shadows to pledge to play a major role in peacemaking in Afghanistan as foreign troops prepare to withdraw at the end of the month, writes guest columnist Ahmed Rashid.

Beijing’s efforts include an invitation for the Taliban to visit China.

Yet sceptics may well ask whether China, which has never played such a mediating role outside its borders before, can succeed where the US, Nato and Afghanistan’s neighbours have so far failed. Continue reading

Remembering Martin Carter – (7 June 1927-13 December 1997)

Celebrating Martin Carter, indubitably Guyana’s greatest poet of the 20th century (7 June 1927-13 December 1997)

Remembering Martin Carter (1927-1997)


I mind as if yesterday

has become today

in the leaps and bounds

of tomorrow’s trials and tribulations

holding a flagrant torch with hands up high

remembering Martin Carter Continue reading

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