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We are awesome! – By Rosaliene Bacchus

Three Worlds One Vision

Guyana President Donald RamotarGuyana President Donald Ramotar
U.N. General Assembly – New York – September 2014
Photo Credit: World Politics Review

During my adolescent years in Guyana, everything was nice. The dress was nice; the food was nice; people were nice. The word nice was so overused that our high school English teacher prohibited us from its use in our essays.

By the time I moved to the United States, everything had become awesome. Your macaroni and cheese is awesome! You look awesome! I’m awesome!

Notwithstanding the American excessive use of the word awesome, I was taken aback at a Fox News TV host’s response to the recent release of the CIA Torture Report covering the Bush-Cheney period in government (January 2001 to January 2009).

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CUTTING SUGARCANE – By Dmitri Allicock

cane cutter


 By Dmitri Allicock


In the blazing heat or pouring rain

Cutlass chopping stalks of sugarcane

Guyanese men like steel and leather

Breaking backs in the humid weather


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THE ECSTASY OF GOLD – By Dmitri Allicock

 gold mining


By Dmitri Allicock


Deep in the heart of Guyana’s Jungle

Jaguars, snakes and waterfalls tumble

Highland shouts and echoes of gold

The ecstasy of gold for souls so bold

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Disconnect to Connect – By: Dhanpaul Narine

Disconnect to Connect

               By: Dhanpaul Narine

The Revolution is in our living rooms

and it is digitized!

There’s inbox, outbox, and dropbox

with miles of cables, sockets and dockets

And endless satellite links

to display websites in their thousands


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Defeat is Victory – by Dimitry Orlov – commentary

Defeat is Victory  – by Dimitry Orlov
 On the wall of George Orwell’s Ministry of Truth from his novel 1984 there were three slogans:


It occurred to me that these apply just a little bit too well to the way the Washington, DC establishment operates.

War certainly is peace: just look at how peaceful Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, Syria and the Ukraine have become thanks to their peacemaking efforts. The only departures from absolute peacefulness which might be taking place there have to do with the fact that there are some people still alive there. This should resolve itself on its own, especially in the Ukraine, where the people now face the prospect of surviving a cold winter without heat or electricity.

Freedom is indeed slavery: to enjoy their “freedom,” Americans spend most of their lives working off debt, be it a mortgage, medical debt incurred due to an illness, or student loans. Alternatively, they can also enjoy it by rotting in jail. They also work longer hours with less time off and worse benefits than in any other developed country, and their wages haven’t increased in two generations. Continue reading