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Constitutional Reform + Opposition Unity- by Ralph Ramkarran

Here are two commentaries by Ralph Ramkarran:


    Saturday, 20th December 2014  7:00 pm

A constitution defines the basic laws, structures for governance and rights and responsibilities under which a society is organized. A constitution needs to be changed when some or all of its rules no longer reflect the popular will or when they have been overtaken after the effluxion of time. Suggestions for reform of the constitution, therefore, reflect a view that it is in need of restructuring.

The recent proposals of the AFC announced by its Chair, Mr. Nigel Hughes, at the party’s recent conference suggests that the structure of our executive and legislature, and the relationship between them, need to be altered. These proposals add to those already in circulation, offered by other persons. There is also substantial writing and academic material on record on situations like Guyana’s. This debate will gather steam and climb to the top of the agenda only when the political conditions mature.

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OPPOSITION UNITY – By Ralph Ramkarran  Continue reading

Festive Feature: Sharon Maas

Bookaholic Confessions


Welcome to a very special Festive Feature on my blog, where every day up until Christmas some of my favourite authors will be sharing what they love most about the festive season, including their favourite films, food, music, presents, memories, books…Plus much more!

I’m delighted to be joined by the wonderful Sharon Maas…


Sleighbells under the Sun

By Sharon Maas

My sweetest childhood memories are of Christmas in Guyana. That tingling sense of anticipation! The magic! The sounds, the aroma, the lights, the taste of Christmas! Christmas trees and Christmas cake and lights and Santa in his sleigh and…

Wait a minute… Santa in his sleigh? Why would he need a sleigh in the tropics? In Guyana, 6° north of the Equator? Where was the snow on the rooftops, and the chimneys for him to climb down, and wouldn’t he be sweltering in that thick red suit?

We Guyanese…

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Marc Matthews: Poet, actor, storyteller – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Marc Matthews: Poet, actor, storyteller

By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

If you ask Marc Matthews where he was born you would get a colorful excursion into the culture of the rural countryside. Marc chuckles as he describes his birth. ‘I was born in Georgetown hospital because I wanted to be near my mother. As soon I was born she wanted to be near her father and her sister up in Buxton. As soon as we got to Buxton my father said he is going to New Amsterdam.

So we all went to Rosignol and the next thing we know we ended up in Fyrish.’ Marc says that he spent the fi rst fi ve years in Buxton and then the family went to Fyrish before moving to Georgetown. Marc recalls that his dad Rev. Pat Matthews and his mom Una Matthews were hard working persons like so many other families. Continue reading


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IN THIS ISSUE  –  Gail Nunes – December Editor

PAGE 4-5: Happy Kwanzaa       PAGE 6-9: Guyanese Christmas music       PAGE 10-11: Albouystown Masquerade Band       PAGE -12-15:Food & Drinks at Christmas       PAGE 16-19: Feature: Stanley Greaves       PAGE 20-21: Dis Time Nah Lang Time!       PAGE 22: Pansy Browne – Giving Back      PAGE 23-24: DeMendonca Family Giving Back      PAGE 25: : Sugar Foot Joe           PAGE 26-27: Profile: Juliet Emanuel:        PAGE 28: Eileen Cox remembered       PAGE 29: Tribute to Michael Albert     PAGE -30-31: I come from the gutter      PAGE 32-33: The Initiates

DIS TIME NAH LANG TIME! – By T. Eric Matthews


By Ted Eric Matthews

Jump in de line and wine yo body in time.

Ah wha fee ‘appen, leh e ‘appen wan time.

Dis time nah lang time!

Remember Goblet Joe, dancing non-stop through Christmas into New Year?  Dis time nah lang time!  Toffie balls, neverdone sweetie, bruk mout, Chinee cake, two-glass Quencha, Correia sweet wine, D’Aguiar Ice House.  Remember dem real bad men? Briga Bobby, Putagee Tunus, Two-batty John, Sotie? What happen to my May Pole, and my May Queen?  D’urban Park Race Course, Bourda Green, Atkinson Field, fish’an bread at Mahaicony station, Mahaica Bridge, Wismar-Rockstone, Itanami haul-over, R.H. Carr, M.V. Malali.  Continue reading

Guyana politics: Holding back the tide? commentary

Holding back the tide?

December 21, 2014 · By Stabroek News – Editorial

One would have thought that the PPP had done enough damage to itself over the past few months to give it genuine cause for hesitation the next time it was overtaken by the compulsion to inflict self-harm. But no, there it was yet again last week shooting itself twice in the foot with its customary bravado.

The party held forth on two matters, the irony being that in one case it drew attention to an event which otherwise might have slid by, if not quite unremarked, at least without creating all that much of a ripple in its wake. As it was, however, the Office of the President and by extension, Freedom House, afforded Dr Philip Mozart Thomas’s civil society encounter free publicity, and by trying to warn people away from it, probably achieved the opposite result. Continue reading

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