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Buxton- Friendship Express Newsletter – December 2014

Buxton- Friendship Express Newsletter – December 2014

As we come to the close of another year, we want to thank you for being a devoted reader of Buxton-Friendship Express. It’s been our heartfelt pleasure to share with you information on important developments in and around our community. We look forward to continuing this service in the new year.

At this joyous time of the year, we take this opportunity to extend to you & your family our warmest greetings & best wishes for peace and happiness in this season of hope.

Please download the attachment or click on the following link to enjoy our December issue of Buxton-Friendship Express.


Happy Holidays!

 Lorna Campbell, Editor,

Buxton-Friendship Express

2014 IN REVIEW – By Dmitri Allicock

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By Dmitri Allicock

Another year almost gone before eternal goodbye

Only a few days left and a brand new slate to try

A year of both good and bad and the in between

Tales of much drama and life on the world scene Continue reading